India is a land with innumerable customs and traditions. Although the practices of each community and sect vary, some of the most elaborate customs are always reserved for women who are pregnant and newborn babies. First-time moms in India can go to any lengths to do the best for their babies. But it’s the time when they need to acquaint themselves with the behavior of their newborn.

Understanding your newborn and taking care of them is no easy task. Thankfully, today various baby products online India have made the job simpler. Whether you want to give a good oil massage to your little one in line with the Indian culture or swaddle them to restful sleep, there are many options for you to choose from.

Also, if your new born baby have eczema get best eczema treatment for children.

Here are some tips for you to get to know your baby better and forge a deep bond with them.

Whether you are a mother who is giving birth or a pregnant woman who is expecting, you should be thinking about your personal health as well. Conditions like diastasis recti can begin to show symptoms before or after you give birth. This is why it’s important to notice the signs as soon as possible. Luckily, diastasis recti is actually pretty simple to treat as long as you identify it as soon as possible. It can be as simple as using a waist trainer or girdle along with abdominal exercises to help strengthen the area.

New-Borns Prefer a Sponge Bath

The umbilical cord will drop in a few weeks. Till then, clean it gently. Refrain from rubbing alcohol on it to make it fall off. Ensure that you are keeping the umbilical cord stump part clean and dry. It means giving the newborn a sponge bath. Use those diapers that have a cut-out area for newborns so that they are folded below the stump.

Do Not Ignore Weight Changes

In the first week post-birth, the baby loses around 8 percent of its birth weight. But they gain lost weight during the second week. At this point, observe your baby’s weight changes closely. They are developing at a rapid pace. If you think that they are losing weight even after the second week, consult a doctor. It might be that the baby is not being fed enough.

Dry Skin After Birth Is Common

For nine whole months, your baby was used to being inside the womb that had a warm environment. The outside world is a lot different from that. Many babies can develop red and itchy patches on their skin.

It is called eczema and is an inheritable skin condition. But there’s no need for you to worry yourself over it. There are many baby products online India, like fragrance-free moisturizers and cleansing gels, that provide relief to your baby. They also don’t exacerbate their skin condition. Ensure that you’re moisturizing the skin of your child adequately during winters.

Your Baby Is Highly Sensitive to Loud Noises

Did you know that babies can start to hear their mom’s heartbeat and also different kinds of sounds coming from the outside environment during the third trimester? The hearing sense is completely developed after a month post-birth. They become highly sensitive to loud sounds, although they cannot understand what exactly they are hearing.

Babies Don’t Need a Bath Every Day

New parents in India want to protect their newborns in every possible manner. Many think that giving a bath every day to their baby is essential to keep them free of infections. But you don’t need to bathe them more than twice a week.

When your baby is at the stage when they cannot crawl on the floor and engage in activities like feeding themselves, they remain largely clean. However, ensure that you wash their face and genital area with some clean and soft wipes regularly.

Motherhood is a gratifying experience. It might take you some time to familiarise yourself with the new individual in your life. But there’s no need to worry as you will learn a lot every day.

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