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Are you using white label Facebook Ads to grow your agency faster? Agency Elevation’s white label Facebook Ads agency services are top-notch! White label (also known as private label or reseller services), in the context of Facebook Ads, refers to the act of another agency (e.g. us, Agency Elevation) providing the fulfillment of your agency’s Facebook Ads services for your clients. This also means your end clients would have no idea we exist, and hence the white or private label designation. Everything we do would be branded under you and your agency, meaning the work we would do would be indistinguishable from as if the work were done by in-house employees of yours.

White label Facebook Ads agency services aren’t merely just an equivalent alternative to in-house however, as you’ll discover below. There are some big advantages to avoiding in-house labor and partnering with a private label provider like us. Finding, interviewing, hiring, training, paying, and retaining in-house Facebook Ads specialists is super time intensive and costly. Many will request continual pay raises and eventually may leave you, taking their skills elsewhere, putting you back at square one. Not to mention the cost of health insurance and other benefits should you offer them.

Fulfilling in-house means you’ll also have awkward periods where you have too much work for one employee, but not enough to maximize or even justify your return on hiring a second employee, creating a logjam and inefficiencies. With our whitel label service, you pay per account, so you never pay more than you need for the work done; it’s always just right! Not to mention we can handle endless scale. Quickly add 10 clients out of nowhere? No worries, just send them over!

Another big issue with in-house that many agencies don’t consider is just how involved, time intensive, and costly training and accountability is. When you hire an in-house Facebook Ads specialist, who ensures they know what to do? Most agencies can’t afford to hire super expensive, skilled, and trained Facebook Ads agency services. They’re often junior type or mid-level (at best) employees. Guess who then gets to train them and hold their hands? You or valuable members of your team!

Who ensures they get better over time? The training never ends. The Facebook Ads platform never stops changing. This is a massive lifetime time-value cost on the agency that you absorb for each employee by simply needing to make sure you continuously hold them accountable and help them improve. White labeling with us? It’s our responsibility! And our team is trained by the best as our leadership has credentials in the Facebook Ads space that are hard to match.

How does your white label Facebook Ads agency work? Easier than you could imagine! The first step begins with you completing our simple onboarding intake form for each of your Facebook Ads clients, which provides us the vital information we need to be successful for each client. From there, we’re off and running quickly! New campaign builds we can often have live in a matter of a day or two, and if the campaigns are running already, we’ll jump in right away to begin optimizing!

Communication runs through email and/or us joining your team’s Slack channel, which we’ve found works very well. You’ll view us no differently than you would an in-house employee! We too are available over Zoom to discuss results and strategy as needed. Our 100% USA-based team is available during the same time zones you are in, meaning nothing lags and everything is quick and responsive.

In terms of work performed, our white label Facebook Ads agency services entails a sophisticated custom recipe for each of your clients. Each client’s account will be optimized and reviewed weekly, with optimizations including but not limited to creating new ads, ad sets, and audiences, in addition to the iteration and testing of each over time. This paired with constant analysis and research means better results over time, and more revenue for your clients (and in turn, you!).

At the conclusion of each month, you’ll receive an auto-generated and emailed (to you and/or your clients) report with your client’s results for the month prior. The report will be branded with your agency’s logo and help position the value of the service you’re selling. This report is included with our standard white label pricing at no additional charge to you.

How do our white label Facebook Ads agency services differ from its competitors? Our white label Facebook Ads agency team is 100% USA-based. In addition to team members in other states, we have two locations, one in Wisconsin and one in Pennsylvania. What this means for you is that you’ll receive top-notch quality care and support, with our team operating in the same time zone(s) as you, fluent in English as a first-language (helpful for ad copy writing), and that you’ll be supporting home-grown, American business in working with us.

Our pricing is also the most competitive we’ve seen for what we offer. Our Facebook Ads optimizations are performed weekly, our reporting is robust, and our communication is clear and as quick as exists. Pricing also includes special volume discounts that get cheaper as you add more clients, meaning we’re set up to grow and scale with you. No hidden fees, setup costs, contracts, or other red tape, just easy, transparent pricing with great results!

Perhaps most importantly of all, we believe we’re very good at what we do. Our leadership who sets the tempo and creates the Facebook Ads optimization recipes our team executes has experience managing multi-million dollar Facebook Ads budgets for Fortune 50 brands. They’ve seen it all and your clients will receive this expertise and the results that accompany it. Want these results for yourself? Just click the ‘get pricing’ button and from there schedule your free consultation. We’re ready the second you are!

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