Albion Online Disables Dueling Until Next Maintenance

Albion Online doesn’t really have all that many bugs, and when bugs do appear, they tend to be rectified very quickly to ensure they don’t get out of control. Therefore, it was no surprise that the team behind Albion Online have disabled dueling the second they discovered that dueling was tied to an exploit that could guarantee a win to a player. So, it seems that all the cash being spent on game coins seems to be put to good use!

The In-Game Exploit

At the moment, the team behind Albion Online seem to be keeping very quiet about the nature of the exploit. All they are saying is that the exploit is related to dueling, and the nature of the exploit means that they’ve had to turn off dueling until the next maintenance.

It is likely that the dueling aspect was compromised by instant wins, or something similar to that. There does seem to be no discussion online, and the Albion Online team claim that only a few people know about the exploit, and thus it was likely traveling through private forums as opposed to something like Reddit.

Apparently, the people that were found to be abusing the exploit have been banned from the game, although there are no details on how long they have been banned for. It is likely to be a very lengthy ban, since the exploit seems to be something that you wouldn’t stumble across without knowing about it. So, they would have had to have known they were cheating, and the player base looks down on that heavily.

When Will Dueling Be Turned Back On?

At the moment, the plan is to get dueling turned back on for the next maintenance which, at the time of writing, is 8th February, 2024. However, there is no guarantee that the fix will be ready by that point. The team claim they are working on a patch but, as anybody knows, there is no guarantees that this is something that will end up working.

For now, we just expect dueling to be turned back on within the next week or so. So, if it is disabled when you attempt to duel in the game, then just wait a day or so, and it’ll probably be back.

Buy Albion Silver Coins Today

Luckily, dueling isn’t the main feature of Albion Online, and there will be plenty of other things to do in the game while you wait for everything to be switched back on. So, if you want to buy Albion Online silver from us, then feel to do so! You can use your silver on cosmetics, a premium subscription, and much, much more. All will make your gameplay that much more exciting while you wait for dueling to be switched back on.

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