All about HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020

HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 is a refined piece of engineering talking all about the outgoing version and what we love about the Huawei matebook series to the next level. It is still a beautiful machine that offers a great display rocking the latest Ryzen 4000h series processor for a smooth experience.

And of course, those Huawei ecosystem features that we are now used to are seeing with things like Huawei share. Embedded fingerprint sensor and the power button are there as well and a discrete and privacy webcam so that the recess camera is still there plus more.

Design and dimensions 

HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 comes in a very unique style and beautiful design. It looks slim, stylish, and super portable to take it anywhere. The design of this matebook is made that you can push the hinge up to 180 degrees.

For the dimension, you will notice a sandblasted finish on its metal bodyweight just 1.38 kg. The thickness of this matebook is just 15.9 mm and the width is about 322.5 mm.

So if you are in search of a light, sleek and stylish matebook HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 will be your great choice.


If we talk about the display of the HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020, it comes with a 14 inches wide display. Its chamfered edges are also premium and are now easily synonymous with Huawei.

There is a 2k Huawei full view display at 185 PPI. That is very bright at 300 nits and accurate in colors with 100 sRGB wide color Gamut. On the version, touch is also supported so you can interact with your content by just touching the display. And interacting with it with a 3×2 aspect ratio which is all time favorite aspect ratio for media consumption and editing content and just being more productive with more screen real estate to handle.   


HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 also sounds amazing with a dual 2-watt speaker setup. The speakers provide you with loud and good quality of sound.

Long Backup time 

HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 comes in a 56 Wh battery and an extremely faster charger. Once you full the matebook you can use it continuously for 13 hours by watching high qualities of videos. From this battery power, you can easily guess how good this matebook would be for your meeting or back-to-back classes.

You can use simply your Huawei 65 W USB-C type charger for the charging of HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020. The charger is very light and you can fit it in your pocket. Just by 30 minutes of charging you will find your matebook 50% charge.

Other features

HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 has a fingerprint reader. And you can power your computer by using the fingerprint. And you don’t need to put the password again and again.

HUAWEI matebook d 14 2020 gives you another amazing option of Huawei share. With the help of which you can connect and transform your device with matebook and you can control and edit it on the big screen. And the crazy thing is that it works without the internet.

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