All about surrogate mother USA and egg donation process one should know

Surrogacy in the USA is widely accepted and approved by the government. Even the couples from the UK travel to the USA for the surrogacy program because the US is considered as the surrogacy specialist. Now, if we talk about leihmutter usa, so they are of two types;

  •     Traditional mother
  •     Gestational surrogate

A traditional mother gets infused with artificial sperm and carries a baby till the last trimester. Further, a traditional mother is also called a biological mother as well because she only uses the sperm of the father.

In this process, the surrogate mother goes through “in vitro fertilization”. In which she is recommended to use the mother’s egg and fertilize it with the father’s sperm and place it in the uterus. After this process, the surrogate mother carries the baby till birth. It is however called gestational surrogate because there is no genetic relationship with the child.

Egg donation process

  • The eizellenspende process takes place in several steps for gestational surrogate;

Choosing surrogate


Make a legal contract with what a leihmutter gesucht.

Egg production

The eggs are produced by the intended mother or a donor’s egg can also be used. Furthermore, embryos are created using the intended father’s sperm.

Transfer of embryos

Now, the transfer of embryos takes place in a gestational surrogate. In some conditions, it does not stick and the process of reproduction does not happen. Then the IVF process is carried again. But if it sticks, the pregnancy is carried out.


When the child is born the intended parents pursue the custody of the child followed by the contract which is signed initially.

  • Now the egg donation process in a traditional mother takes place through simple steps. Which are;

Choose a surrogate that is available of your choice. Then deal with the legal contract in detail. Further, an IUI process is held with the help of the father’s sperm or donor’s sperm. If this cycle is successful, the pregnancy is carried by the surrogate. If the IUI process does not work, then another cycle takes place. At the stage when the child is born, the surrogate mother is needed to terminate the intentions towards the child. The intended parents are also required to follow the legal contract which is made before the whole process.

Criteria for surrogacy

Certain criteria are set for surrogacy.


The age of the surrogate mother should be between 21 to 45 years. Age is a factor of keen observation and important to keep in the record.

Reproductive system

The reproductive background should be kept under observation before selecting the surrogate mother. The menstrual cycle should be regular and agricultural ability, whether she is fertile or not.


The lifestyle of the surrogate mother must be clear and live a healthy life in a good environment. Such as they should be free of drug addiction or any other immoral activity.


All the necessary tests are performed to ensure that the surrogate mother is healthy. Such as mental health, sexually transmitted infection, and must be physically active.

The USA is considered a surrogacy specialist and has great importance. There are two types of surrogate mothers. One is a gestational mother and the other is a traditional mother. The egg donation process is of great importance. Several factors should be observed before choosing a surrogate mother. Furthermore, surrogacy is considered simple but it is not simple and straightforward. It requires patience and every factor should be fulfilled which is necessary for a surrogate mother to carry a baby.

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