All About Wind Power

Wind power and its uses have been around for thousands of years – since 2000 B.C. to be exact. Originating from China and Persia, earlier methods of wind power came in through the form of windmills and water pumps to name a few. With more recent wind turbines, the uses for wind power are endlessly beneficial – and remain a greener option to boot.

Fun facts about wind power

If you are interested in wind power but don’t know where to start, keep reading to learn some fun facts about our friend, the wind:

  1. While wind turbines may look similar to its ancestorial cousin, the windmill, it is significantly more complex. A wind turbine can have up to 8,000 different pieces that contribute to its running. Cargo drones are also now becoming more commonly enlisted for repairs and inspection purposes.
  2. Coastal cities, especially those with a high population, are designed with a higher dependency on wind power. Some areas in the United States have begun to commercialise the wind industry for both experimentation and beneficial purposes.
  3. Wind energy is not only a greener option, but it is more affordable too. Prices for wind-powered energy resources are often significantly cheaper than its oil fuelled counterparts.
  4. The size of wind turbines is huge, with an average blade length of 200 feet and an overall height of over 300 feet.
  5. The processing capacity of wind turbines are steadily increasing as well, with an average of 9% difference from 2021. This is leading to an ever-increasing industry boom, with a predicted one-third of global energy needs being met by wind power by 2050.
  6. Hosting a small wind turbine next to your home can provide enough power for all your daily operations with ease. Wind turbines are commonly used in rural areas where they provide power and bring income to the community.

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