All features of HUAWEI freebuds studio

Today we will talk about the design-build quality performance features of HUAWEI freebuds studio. So if you are going to buy it, read this article carefully and know all the quality. HUAWEI freebuds studio comes in a large retail box where you will find the freebuds studio earphone inside a very premium-looking carrying case with a shiny Huawei logo.

Inside the carrying case, you will also find some silicon gel crystal to keep the box dry. And also a USB type-c cable to charge the Huawei freebuds studio. Other than these inside the box, you will find lots of quick start guide user manuals, etc as well. The carrying case is of very good quality.

Design of HUAWEI freebuds studio 

Now come to business, the design of the Huawei freebuds studio is a very beautiful and premium-looking device. One of the things that are appreciated about the design is the metal hanger arm which connects the ear cups. There are two Huawei logos on the ear cups. There is a good amount of padding around the ear cups. Also, there are three physical buttons to switch on the headphone for Bluetooth pairing and switching between the noise cancellation modes.

There is a USB type-c port provided for charging the freebuds studio and the left-right markings are inside the ear cups. The touch sensor is provided on the right ear cup and there is no action or just gesture that you can perform on the left ear.

Dimensions of the HUAWEI freebuds studio

This headphone is pretty lighter. It is just 260 grams of weight. You will not feel any extra load at the time of using the freebuds. Apart from weight, if we talk about the height and width that is 194 mm and 152 mm respectively.

These specific freebuds come in 2 colors black and gold. Select your favorite color and enjoy all the features of freebuds studio. 

Noise cancellation system

HUAWEI freebuds studio contains this amazing feature. This feature will allow you to focus only on the sounds which you like and play on the mobile and all the other sounds. It can block all the environmental noise around you and you will hear your targeted music.

There are three main ANC settings which are ultra mode, general mode, and cozy mode depending on the kind of environment that you are in. Huawei’s dynamic active noise cancellation can also auto detect the environment that you are in to provide the right amount of noise cancellation. This feature also helps you a lot when you are on an important call at a busy street because it cancels all the noise around you.

Long battery life

As usual Huawei devices are leading with the battery life and the freebuds studio does not disappoint coming with a 410 mah battery. Without anc on the freebuds can play for 24 hours but even with anc on you can still get about 20 hours of playtime. Battery low well no worries because of 10 minutes of charges you will get eight hours playback.

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