All-inclusive system in Dubai: what best hotels in UAE offer

The UAE is another name for luxury and comfort. Hotels, as well as the entire tourism sector as a whole, are no exception. In Dubai, many accommodations exceed the number of stars in their quality: a local three-star hotel will not be equal to a similar one somewhere in Asia. And here are the high standards of five-star hotels! And whether it is worth choosing the all-inclusive system or even the ultra-all-inclusive one – the official property website tries to figure it out.

All-inclusive hotels in Dubai

This parameter, which includes food and service, is presented in the following hotels:

  • Five Palm Jumeirah;
  • Five JVC;
  • Mövenpick Hotel;
  • Sheraton Jumeirah;
  • Aloft;
  • Rixos;
  • Sofitel.

There are other options, but the ones listed above are especially revered by rich travelers and businessmen.

The all-inclusive system is not only full-fledged multiple meals but also excellent service. Plastic dishes and yesterday’s food are something that you will not find here. But you will see snow-white tablecloths, ideal portion sizes, properly selected dishes for each type of wine or other alcohol.

You will be able to choose a wide variety of dishes: both options of hotels with a buffet are available, and those that offer to order from the menu. Moreover, you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the snack bars.

Alcohol in UAE hotels

One of the reasons why you should choose an all-inclusive hotel is the situation with alcohol. The fact is that the price for alcoholic beverages in Dubai is extremely high: a can of beer can cost from 700 rubles in our currency, and a glass of wine — about 1500. And these are the minimum indicators for the most mediocre drinks — the situation will be even worse with elite ones. But upon arrival at the all-inclusive hotel, guests get access to high-quality alcoholic beverages and a mini-bar.

While in the UAE, do not forget about the local legislation, which applies to both residents and travelers. Drinking drinks on the street is prohibited, as well as being drunk in public places. Alcohol is allowed to be consumed only in specially designated restaurants, bars, and hotels, and the sale of alcohol is only available to persons over the age of 21.

More than just all-inclusive program

If you are looking for a special luxury in the UAE, for example, a property for sale in Ras Al Khaimah, before booking a hotel, you should clarify what other privileges exist, as Dubai hotels often offer additional services:

  • Ultra-all-inclusive system includes an additional order of hot drinks and pastries, imported alcohol, daily mini-bar resupply, delicacies, and much more. For example, Rixos serves guests in this way.
  • Le Meridien offers its guests a water park and an unlimited amount of ice cream for free.
  • Guests of the Centara Mirage Hotel can choose premium homemade drinks, discounts on spa treatments, and gift massages.

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