Today all the game in the online world is about driving traffic to your blog or app which then you can use to channel into profitable returns. Amazon, the largest online shopping giant has some tricks up its sleeves that it deploys to achieve the above-stated purpose.

When an entity launches a completion, its core aim is to gather attention and get new visitors to its site. This symbiotic marketing strategy can benefit both sides.

On one side it gets new visitors and at the same time by spending some time you can earn so many gifs and prizes. Sometimes these campaigns last around the major events and celebrations and some run around the years nonstop. One such way for it is through Amazon Quiz Contest. Let’s find out what it is and how you can benefit from it and the conditions to meet.

What are Amazon Quiz Contests?

The eCommerce giant brings exciting contests and competitions for its user to participate in. Here it collaborates with famous brands and companies for the promotion of products and saleable items. This could be an electronic or a mobile phone company, or an Apparel brand promoting or selling its products on sale.

Every day, you can visit the site and try your luck in winning amazing and exciting prizes and gifts. To participate in it, you will have to download the Amazon Mobile App. Sign up if you don’t have an account on the platform already. If you have an account, just sign in. Now the most likely place to find a given quiz is the Funzone section.

Before investing your time, you must ensure that you are meeting all the terms and conditions set by the company. This ensures, you definitely get the winner’s product if you get selected in the process.

How to Participate?

If they have introduced a contest recently, it will pop up on the main screen, once it is displayed on your screen you can see a list of ongoing competitions.

Or just go to the section where they have cobbled all the competitions up i.e. Funzone if you cannot see something catchy on the main interface. Here you can select one and go to that particular contest. There it could be just spinning a gift wheel or answering a few questions to be a participant for a given gift and prize.

Once your name comes out in the draw you will be contacted by the company via email or SMS. While creating your account on the Amazon App make sure you have given your original credentials in the form of a mobile phone number and email address. This way, you won’t miss their SMS or mail on your ID.

One more thing to make sure while participating is to ensure that you are a resident of that particular country and not a visitor. As the terms and conditions clearly give the conditions that make you legible or illegible for a given competition.

Common Terms and Conditions to Win and Get a Prize

This actually varies with each competition type and the format of the contest. If it is a fortune wheel, they may ask you to spin it once only or once in 24 hours. Other common conditions are as follows.

You must be a citizen of a given territory or country. This excludes all the non-locals from benefiting from the opportunity.

Registered and verifiable contact information. This could be your cell phone number, physical address, and email address to name a few.

Identity proof, in the form of your national or local identity certificates or cards.

You must not be directly associated with the company or any other related entity. This ensures the completion is not rigged and only benefits its intended target users.

Another common, but not outright right, condition is that the company can use your name and other details for its promotional purpose.

If you win something, you will have to wait till the conclusion of the contest to get your gift or win the item.


Amazon Quiz Contests is one of the famous competitions online. This one tactic has singlehandedly played a major role in the promotion of the company in its newly ventured territories, as well as existing ones. If you want to participate and be a definite winner jump in and be a part of it. If you don’t know the answer to the questions asked there, there are many options such as which help you in getting the right answer and much more.

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