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Nutrition and Dietetics are the two essential components of food. Food is one of the most critical aspects that unite humankind amidst all the other differences. It is a requirement for all the living creates to have food to survive. Sometimes humans need the help of experts to figure out what to eat and when to get all the desired nutritions on time in the correct quantity. 

Enter the in-demand field with a B.sc. nutrition and dietetics program that can work with people who must eat a balanced diet to ensure their health. The Bachelor’s course can equip you with the diverse aspects of nutritional science, primarily the study of food management and its impact on human health. Pursuing this course can open doors for lucrative career opportunities.

Let us first explain the two terms in brief to ensure better understanding. 

Nutrition and Dietetics: The subdiscipline of medicine is concerned with food and its effect on human health and overall well-being. The professional expert manages this domain in this field who are called nutritionists and dieticians. These are qualified professionals with expertise in the subject to help people improve their health by making healthier dietary choices according to their health requirements. 

According to research findings, it is predicted that between 2016-2026, this domain will witness a 15% increase in the demands of professionals. The job opportunities may rise by 9,900 by 2026. Hence, if you pursue a professional course in nutrition and dietetics, you can help people improve their overall health.

This article can familiarise you with everything you need to know about nutrition and dietetics. Read ahead to find out!

Nutrition and diet are central to good health: The World Health Organisation(WHO) has stated that obesity has tripled since 1975. Approximately 1.9 billion adults are suffering from obesity and becoming one of the leading causes of death. Poor nutrition can lead to chronic diseases, including diabetics, hypertension, and heart diseases. The nutritionists and dietitians work to help people improve their health and weight with regards to their Body Mass Index(BMI).

Various career opportunities: Dietitians and nutritionists have similar job roles. However, they may not have identical career choices. A graduate in nutrition and dietetics can take up the job roles of a dietician, food scientist, culinary specialist, quality control, nutritionist, etc. 

Booming industry: The food industry is evolving with the introduction of lab-grown meat that is environmentally friendly and can reduce the negative impact on climate. Diet and nutrition experts must help the general population and policymakers understand the benefits or drawbacks of growing and creating food to eat. 

It would help if you held a bachelor’s degree: Dehradun is famous for its B.sc course in nutrition and dietetic in India. This field requires a comprehensive understanding of physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, social sciences, dietetics, and behavioural science. The area is rich with opportunities. Hence, a degree from a renowned university in Dehradun can help you grow your career ladder.

Higher earning potential: A nutritionist or a dietician can make around $60,000 and is among the high-paying professions. You also positively impact the lives of people you are helping that can give you higher job satisfaction.

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