All You Should Know About Restricted Key Systems

Many people prefer to install a restricted key system for their business. A restricted key system offers homeowners and business owners extra security and control over their homes and business. They are strictly controlled by the manufacturer and are not easily available in the market to make it impossible to make duplicate keys.

Only the manufacturer of the restricted key system or an authorized person can produce the duplicate keys at the request of the owner of the system. These systems are best for the security of their homes and offices where safety is on high priority for the owners. Let us know more about restricted key systems. Use Safes for your home which is best for your security.

What is a restricted key system?

A restricted key lock system is a type of lock designed to prevent the duplication of keys by any individual or locksmith service. In order to make the duplicate keys, you need to get it done by the manufacturer company or an authorized locksmith company. Moreover, in order to make a duplicate copy of the key, the user needs to be on the signature card. So, homeowners and business owners make use of these systems to enhance the security of their homes and offices.

Restricted keys come in a variety of forms and shapes depending on the level of security required. Also, people need to order these key systems in advance to get them at the right time. They are protected by a license to operate and duplicate. The license is valid at the local, state, and national levels.

Can the restricted keys be duplicated?

Although there are no keys that cannot be duplicated under any condition, there are keys that are extremely difficult to copy without the access to the right information. The required information for creating a duplicate key for restricted key systems is only available with the manufacturer.

Benefits of installing a restricted key system.

Installing a restricted key system offers plenty of benefits to homeowners and business owners. The primary benefit is enhanced security. Let us know all of them in detail.

More secure than standard keys.

The restricted keys come with a unique pattern that makes them difficult to copy, and the copying rights are patent and protected by the manufacturer. On the other hand, it is comparatively easy to make copies of standard keys. So, installing a restricted key system makes homes and businesses more secure and eliminates the risk of duplication of keys.

High control of your security

Business owners want to offer access to their lock systems to multiple employees, including managers and supervisors. A restricted key system can be customized to offer different levels of access to different people in an office. This offers peace of mind to business owners as they always know who has access to important areas in their office.

Difficulty picking the lock

The keys of a restricted lock system have a unique shape and design that is highly challenging to copy. The features of these systems are also too complex that makes it burglars difficult to pick the lock. The design of these systems is also patent which restricts other manufacturers to copy it or use it in their locks.

Secure process for copying the keys

All homeowners and business owners can ensure that the spare keys or duplicate keys are not made without their permission. Having a restricted key system ensures you that you are the only person who can request duplicate keys to be made by an authorized locksmith. The process requires you to fill a form and sign it before the keys are cut and registered with the authorized locksmith service.

What to consider before installing a restricted key system?

Every business owner needs to consider multiple factors before installing such a system on their premises. Here are some important things that every business should take into consideration.

  • Know about authorized distributors available to sell the key system.
  • Restricted key system installation
  • Do the distributors offer after-sale service for these systems?
  • The level of exclusivity available for the product you consider installing.
  • Any special equipment required to install or service the locks and key system.
  • Convenience to order extra keys or a copy of keys.
  • Time required for the delivery of duplicate keys.

All the restricted key systems are not patented. So you need to inquire whether the key systems are patented or not, as only the patented ones offer legal protection that restricts the copying of keys. Also, the patents for these systems have limited validity, and customers need to upgrade the systems after the expiry of patent validity.

Final Words

These were some important points and benefits of restricted key systems. You can install them on residential and commercial properties. However, it is essential to perform proper research before considering one for your home or office as there are patent and service limitations that vary for every manufacturer and service provider.

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