Alla Pugacheva - biography

Alla Pugacheva was born on April 15, 1949 in Moscow. Father – Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev (1918-1982), worked as a sales director at the Taldom shoe factory. Mother – Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova (1922-1986), worked as deputy head of the personnel department of the plant. Brother – Eugene (1950-2011), was a retired colonel.

Alla Pugacheva: “When I was 13 years old, my father was arrested, imprisoned – for three years, it seems, he was sentenced. He worked in the leather industry, was the head of some shoe department, and was attributed to economic violations. In those years, many business executives were imprisoned, indiscriminately. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Asmongold Girlfriend“, No. 16 (09.04.2009)

In 1954, 5-year-old Alla took part in a big concert on the stage of the Column Hall of the House of Unions. At the age of 7, the parents sent their daughter to a music school at the music school named after. M. M. Ippolitova-Ivanova.

In 1964, after graduating from the 8th grade of secondary school and a music school in the piano class, the future singer entered the Moscow City Music School named after Ippolitov-Ivanov at the conductor-choral department.

In 1965, Pugacheva made her radio debut with the song “Robot” in the “Good Morning” program. Then Alla worked at Rosconcert, in the Oleg Lundstrem Jazz Orchestra and at the VIA Veselye Bryatyat.

From 1969 to 1973, Alla Pugacheva was married to the Lithuanian circus artist Mykolas Orbakas, in marriage with whom she gave birth to a daughter, Christina Orbakaite (05/25/1971).

Alla Pugacheva: “I saw him, won, fell in love and got married. True, before the wedding I had a moment of doubt – after I looked at the relatives of my fiance, I watched how hard they were drinking. Yes, and brother Mykolas’s wife warned: “Better not to marry him,” and from a good relationship to me. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Idubbbz girlfriend”, № 16 (04/09/2009)

In 1977, the singer got married for the second time. Film director Alexander Stefanovich became her chosen one, the alliance with whom lasted 4 years.

Alla Pugacheva: “It was practically a fictitious marriage – he just needed a residence permit in Moscow. Interesting, by the way, person, not stupid. Now he claims that he made me, that if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t exist at all. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend”, № 16 (04/09/2009)

In 1978, the artist made her film debut, playing the role of pop singer Anna Streltsova in the musical melodrama “The Woman Who Sings”. This biographical picture, which tells about Pugacheva herself, brought the singer wide popularity.

In the same year, Pugacheva released her debut album “Mirror of the Soul”, which included 16 compositions performed by Alla, recorded in 1975-1977. The album has sold over 7 million copies.

Then Alla Pugacheva recorded albums: “Arlekino and others” (1979), “Rise above the hustle and bustle” (1980), “It will still be” (1980), “How anxious this path” (1982), “Oh, how you want to live “(1985),” Alla Pugacheva in Stockholm “(1985),” Happiness in your personal life! ” (1986), “I came and say” (1987), “Alla” (1990), “Christmas meetings-91” (1991),
“Christmas meetings-91” (1992), “Don’t hurt me, gentlemen” (1995 ), “Yes!” (1998), “River Tram” (2002), “Live in Peace, Country!” (2003) and Invitation to Sunset (2008).

She starred in the films: “Foam” (1979), “Grandmothers said in two …” (1979), “Recital” (1980), “Love for Love” (1983), “I came and I say” (1985), “Season miracles “(1985),” Julia “(1992),” Old songs about the main thing 2 “(1997),” Old songs about the main thing 3 “(1998),” Old songs about the main thing. Postscript “(2001),” Chasing Two Hares “(2004) and” Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors “(2007).

In 1980, the singer, on the basis of an unnamed ensemble under the direction of Yu. Shakhnazarov, and some musicians who came from Ritm, organized the Recital group.

In 1981, Alla Pugacheva graduated from the directing department of GITIS with a degree in Variety Directing. The artist’s diploma work was the concert program “The Singers’ Monologues”.

In 1985, the singer tied the knot with the director of Rosconcert concert programs Yevgeny Boldin, with whom she was married until 1993.

Alla Pugacheva: “Zhenya is a good guy, and we worked together very successfully, and basically everything with us was wonderful. It’s just that since we got married formally, I did not suit him at all as a woman. We had more partnerships than sexual relationships. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, № 16 (04/09/2009)

In 1986, the star gave a charity concert in Chernobyl.

In 1988, Alla Borisovna organized the Song Theater and the Christmas Meetings project.

In 1992, Pugacheva created the Alla firm and released the Alla perfume.

In 1994, Alla Pugacheva got married for the fourth time. Her husband was the popular singer Philip Kirkorov, with whom the singer lived for 11 years. The couple divorced in 2005.

Alla Pugacheva: “I was very worried about a discord with Boldin … <…> And here this Kirkorov. And then there was a dunce, and now he will not grow up in any way. I got so tired that it was already easier to marry him than to explain why it was not necessary to do this. And I didn’t give a damn about everything. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “María Elvira Murillo“, № 16 (09.04.2009)

In 1997, the star created a collection of shoes “Alla Pugachоva”.

In 2004, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva became the artistic director of the Star Factory-5 project on Channel One.

In 2008, the singer, together with Maxim Galkin, hosted the show “Two Stars” on Channel One.

From 2007 to 2010, Pugacheva was the artistic director and presenter of Radio Alla.

In 2010, Alla Borisova voiced the role of the Rat Queen in the adventure film The Nutcracker and the Rat King directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.

From 2011 to 2013, Alla Pugacheva was the chairman of the jury of the Factor A show (3 seasons) on the Rossiya channel.

On December 23, 2011, Alla Borisovna married showman Maxim Galkin. This marriage was the fifth for the singer. On September 18, 2013, with the help of a surrogate mother, the twin children of the couple, Elizabeth and Harry, were born.

Alla Pugacheva: “I have great respect for Maxim – both for his talent and for his amazing character. I’m so comfortable with him! And so everything is calm, and peaceful, and fun, and there are no problems. Like puzzles came together. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 16 (04/09/2009)

In April 2014, Pugacheva, as an arbitrator, took part in a special issue of the show “Just the same”, dedicated to her 65th birthday.

In early 2015, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva opened the Family club children’s center, which includes a school for expectant mothers, a child development group, a trilingual kindergarten and a Future star school for professional creative development. The star herself is not only the artistic director of the school, but also its teacher.

Alla Pugacheva: “I want to come to work with talented children from large families on a free basis. Now I am looking for ways to make it possible to pay scholarships to such families. This is all my dream that needs to be realized. The main thing for me is to find support. ”
The quote is taken from the site “”


▪ Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1980)
▪ People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1985)
▪ People’s Artist of the USSR (1991)


▪ Grand Prix of the International Festival “Golden Orpheus” in Sofia (1974)
▪ Grand Prix of the International Competition “Intervision” in Sopot (1978)
▪ State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995)
▪ Prize “Star” (1995)
▪ Order of Merit for Fatherland “, II degree -” For a great contribution to the development of Russian musical art “(1999)
▪ Prize“ For noble thoughts and worthy deeds ”(2001)
▪ Prize“ Record ”(2001)
▪ Prize“ Ovation ”(1992, 1994, 1995 , 1997, 2001)
▪ Prize “Golden Gramophone” (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
▪ Prize “Olympia” (2003)
▪ Prize “MUZ-TV” (2006)
▪ Prize of the President of Belarus (2006 )
▪ God of the Air Award (2009)
▪ Order of Saint Mesrop Mashtots (2009)
▪ Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” III degree – “For a great contribution to the development of national pop art and many years of creative activity” (2009)
▪ Prize MUZ-TV in the nomination “Best concert show” for a show “Christmas Meetings”, SC “Olympiyskiy” (2013)
▪ Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree – “For Contribution to the Development of Russian Culture” (2014)

A family

First husband – Mykolas Orbakas, circus artist (marriage from 1969 to 1973) Second husband – Alexander Stefanovich, film director (marriage from 1977 to 1981) Third husband – Yevgeny Boldin, producer (marriage from 1985 to 1993) Fourth husband – Philip Kirkorov, singer (marriage from 1994 to 2005) Fifth husband – Maxim Galkin, TV presenter (marriage since December 23, 2011) Daughter – Christina Orbakaite (05/25/1971), singer and actress, from his first marriage Daughter – Elizabeth and son – Harry (09/18/2013), twins, born to a surrogate mother Grandson – Nikita Presnyakov (05/21/1991), the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. Grandson – Deni Baysarov (05/10/1998), son of Christina Orbakaite. Granddaughter – Klavdia Zemtsova (03/30/2012), daughter of Christina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov.

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