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There is not a single person who has not heard of the YouTube channel, a media space that is available to every modern Internet user to watch themed videos. But is this service so good and does it meet the needs of its audience?

Despite the worldwide popularity of the video platform, regional restrictions can prevent you from freely watching the videos you’re interested in, or the YouTube options and new features themselves don’t satisfy the needs of certain categories of viewers. That’s why users from some countries prefer to use other services to watch their favorite movies.

What are the alternatives for YouTube

The platform with video content has many analogues, which are beginning to seriously compete with the media giant and displace it from its leadership position. The emergence of other services for watching video falls at a time when YouTube had not yet been created, and new products were appearing when it became popular.

The most famous analogue for the Russian market is Rutube, which is completely copied from the world video platform.

In principle, all sites that focus on providing video content services to their users are characterized by a similar structure, video posting and distribution services. However, the main difference between them lies in the business model itself: whether the service is free or paid, whether advertising is used, as well as in the technical details and the emphasis on certain thematic content.

Of course, if you still prefer to watch videos on YouTube, the service will help you get likes, views, comments, subscribers, bots, sharers and dislikes. You can get the same for your Instagram account.

Let’s look at the key alternatives to YouTube and their features.

Until recently, the channel was free, but has now introduced a monthly fee for providing its services. The higher the rate for paying for video services, the more memory is made available for use, along with receiving interesting bonuses and benefits.

The quality of content on this resource is very high, which impresses the users. The site is relevant for artists and designers who can upload their animations and various videos.

It should be noted that is not as strict to censorship as YouTube, so the user can view the original versions of videos by popular musicians and showbiz stars, as they were originally conceived to go to the masses.

The design of the site is designed in a minimalistic style, while surprising in its convenience. You can download and install the application for Windows and on mobile gadgets Android or iOS. is a quality and functional analogue of YouTube, but you have to pay for the services.


This is a French video hosting service that has managed to prove itself perfectly and become a serious competitor for YouTube. All channels are sorted by topics, you can watch movies, news, and choose from a list of videos.

The presentation format of DailyMotion is very similar to YouTube with the familiar navigation, also present advertising. The main advantage of the platform is access to videos that are blocked on YouTube. Great functionality of the site as well at, pus also low prices for subscribers YouTube when buying.

So, DailyMotion is the most interesting and quite serious competitor, but it is not yet well known.


Fans of Live broadcasting and streaming will definitely like the video hosting popular among streamers. In 2014, the platform was purchased by Amazon, and now it is becoming more and more accessible and interesting to a wider audience.

Subscription to channels or online video streaming is available. All registered users can use chat. Twitch is also used in cybersports to cover current events.

Fans of gaming content are recommended to look for all the most interesting things on this platform, and if you have an Amazon Prime account you can get game loot or exclude advertising in streaming.

Twitch is the best service for online streaming and game broadcasts, which is gaining popularity, and attracting the attention of gamers.


This platform will appeal to everyone who likes to watch music videos. The content of the service combines great video and high sound quality. There is also no need to register, unless you want to receive personalized offers.

The interface is simple and concise, as there is a search bar at the center top of the site, and when you scroll down it gives you a search for the newest and most popular clips, as well as playlists.

Vevo is a service for music lovers and fans of quality clips of their favorite artists.


This platform allows each user to upload their own clips and share them with their audience. There is an option to select certain channels for a star rating system.

Video hosting was created to provide user-generated private video sharing. So far, the platform has a small audience, but it is gradually developing and improving.

VidLii is suitable for those who like to shoot and post videos, but are not going to conquer stellar heights.

The Open Video Project

This project is aimed at the research community, particularly those users who deal with multimedia search engines and digital libraries.

Virtually all of the video content is educational clips, and there are many NASA archive recordings, a collection of television commercials and educational films from the middle of the last century.


A specialized site combining short videos. Here you will find product reviews, tips, tricks, how-to’s, how-to’s, how-to’s, how-to’s, how-to’s, how-to’s and how-to’s.

The design of the platform includes a panel with a menu and links to specific groups of videos – Recent, Popular and Trending.

Metacafe is not very popular, but quite useful service for those looking for useful tips and reviews.


Created by Israeli developers Qlipso, the service is a full-fledged Internet television company. Users get access to a large collection of videos that are made at a professional level. Here you will find extensive television content, as well as clips and episodes of various shows.

The Internet Archive

Is an online library with free videos, books, music, movies, and software. Also features a huge collection of historical content.


Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, this product is an online streaming site with original web shows, series and movies.


On this video platform you will find funny and sometimes even silly content – funny photos, GIFs, game clips, memes, animations.


The site offers video viewing and downloading services. Everyone can find content to their liking here and share it with friends.


Peertube is a free video hosting service that lets you share content just like YouTube. Users can upload and create videos, create channels, use search, and comment on videos.

This open source project has a decentralized platform based on peer-to-peer video sharing technology. Any user can install software that allows them to join a network called Federation and not have to worry about tracking.


DTube is another decentralized video platform focused on privacy. It stores all content in blockchain so that hackers can’t easily tamper with it. Unlike YouTube, videos are not uploaded to a single location to prevent data leakage.

The service does not broadcast ads and gives content creators the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency with their videos. Its interface is similar to that of YouTube, so users will have no trouble switching to DTube.


Fast viewing of videos and channels is guaranteed by another alternative to YouTube – Bitchute. This platform marks already watched videos in a special way, allowing to leave comments. It includes live streams, allows you to watch a video later and notifies you about the release of videos on your favorite channels.

The user-friendly interface is easy to use and also allows you to edit and view subscriptions.


The Rumble video platform is a radically new option on the market and is a great alternative to YouTube. It gives you the ability to search and monetize videos as well as improve your subscriber base.

Rumble lets you do everything you could do on YouTube: live video streaming, video hosting, channel creation, licensing, and more with an easy-to-use interface.


Bit.Tube is a video platform that lets you publish videos and make money from views.

This YouTube-powered alternative with its own cryptocurrency shows clips without ads and interruptions, and is happy with the lack of censorship and constant monitoring in the spirit of YouTube.


YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known video content service on the planet, but there are many worthy and profitable alternatives to it. Broaden your horizons with interesting services with fewer restrictions and bans, as well as a lot of useful information.

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