In modern day, people are taking full benefit from the technology. Just like other devices, smartwatches are also amazing pieces of technology that have been in the industry for some years now.

They have gain so much popularity over the years because of their amazing functions. They not only provide you easy access to some smartphone applications but it also provides other amazing features such as monitoring of heart rate, sleep tracking and daily steps.

Websites like Laptab and Daraz offer a wide variety of smart watches. They come in a variety of colors, features and price ranges, making it easy for people to buy them without putting a dent on their wallet.

Let’s talk about smart watches and some of their features in detail

1.     What Smartwatches Have to Offer?

A smartwatch is just like a wristwatch, except that it offers many more features besides telling time. On your smartwatch you can check out incoming calls and messages. Moreover, extra functions like weather information and map instructions are frequently included.

You can connect your smart watch with your smartphone and it will allow you to read various notifications on your watch without needing to reach out to your smartphone.

Smartwatches also come with a range of sensors for fitness and health tracking. Your smartwatch may have functions such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, and GPS.

Another amazing feature that makes smartwatches an amazing purchase is that the majority of the high-quality smart watches are waterproof and you can take them with you in water areas without worrying. Some people do not take off their smart watch when going swimming or doing water activities.

Some smartphones are also waterproof but the convenience you get from a smartwatch is not provided by a smartphone. Your smartwatch will measure your swimming duration, running duration, your heart beat and will also talk about the calls and messages you are getting on your cell phone.

2.                 Functions Offered by a Smart Watch

Smart watches offer multiple functions, some watches offer much more functions and features than others depending upon their prices and the brand from which you are buying.

If you want to buy a smartwatch but are not sure where to look for it, check out websites like Laptab and Daraz as they offer a wide variety of smart watches. You can find watches from various brands on these sites. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors, features and price ranges, making it easy for people to buy them according to their budget.

However, whatever is the price of your smartwatch, every smartwatch offers these basic features

1.     Time Telling, and Stopwatch

One of the most obvious features of a watch is telling time. However, smart watches along with telling you time also show date, and weekday, making it much more useful than regular watches. Many smartwatches also have a stopwatch in it. This feature is similar to that of a smartphone , but you can use this feature without connecting your watch with your smartphone.

2.     Notifications and Reminders

Another feature that almost every smartwatch offers is showing notifications from your smartphone. Most smartwatches can show calls if you connect them with a cellphone.

When you connect your watch with your cell phone you can check out incoming calls, messages, as well as additional features such as calendar reminders, emails, and Twitter notifications.

Notifications are often visible and fully readable on the wristwatch screen. You also receive alerts from all applications on your smartphone by default. You can also restrict application if you do not want to receive a certain notification on your watch.

3.     Health Related Features

Smartwatches also offer features like tracking of heart rate, sleep quality, step count tracking and tracking of other fitness level activities.

●       Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitors are common in modern smartwatches, and they can measure your wrist heart rate. Measuring heart rate has several advantages.

While exercising, you may monitor your heart rate to ensure that you stay within the range of growing your fitness level. Another benefit is that heart rate measurements connected to artificial intelligence may be able to properly detect some forms of irregular cardiac rhythms.

●       Step Counting

Pedometers, which measure your steps and alert you when you meet your daily step target, are nearly ubiquitous on smartwatches and fitness trackers.

●       Calorie Burn

Another common feature of smartwatch is calorie counting. The watch calculates your activity such as your running or walking time and then after calculation tells you the number of calories you have burnt.

4.     Music Playing Feature

Majority of smart watches also offer music playing features. You can use your wristwatch as a remote control for your smartphone’s music player, or you can couple your smartwatch with a Bluetooth headset to stream music from your watch to your headphones. If you are playing sports and don’t want to bring your phone with you, this is a great option.

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