How To Pick The Best Showers For Your Bathroom: A Small Guide

With new technological advancements, the toilet experience has also been improving. And whether it’s a renovation or setting up a new house, one shouldn’t ignore their washroom and bathroom. Meanwhile, people think about making the right choice to ensure that their bathrooms remain as inviting as their homes. And at times like these, considering installing a Toto toilet is adecision that can take your washroom experience to the next level.

Read on to understand the benefits, the experience, and design ideas.

What Are Toto Toilets?

Toto toilets are special toilets with unique features that exponentially improve one’s washroom experience. And, its most prominent feature is the washlet bidet for a thorough rear cleanse. In addition to this, it offers seat-heating, air deodorising, and a warm jet cleansing system.

Benefits of Toto Toilets

No Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is typically rough on the skin and can be an uncomfortable hassle for many. But with a bidet washlet, every trip to the washroom can be an enjoyable experience. It provides easy rear cleaning at the press of a button, eliminating the need for toilet paper.

Better Cleansing

Research shows that bidet cleansing is gentler and more hygienic than toilet paper. This is because toilet paper smears off leftover faecal matter, whereas a bidet washes it off.

Water Conserving

A single bidet use takes about one-eighth of a gallon, whereas the production of a single roll of toilet paper takes over 37 gallons of water. So, opting for a bidet helps one save water and help the environment.

Cleaner Toilet Bowl

Maintaining and cleaning your toilet is perhaps the most dreadful chore.

But, having a washlet keeps your toilet bowl cleaner, and this requires less frequent maintenance.

Warmer Experience

In freezing climates, having an ice-cold stream of water can be uncomfortable. And in colder regions, many dread using the washroom. However, with water-warming and seat-warming technology, Toto toilets can make this experience warmer.


Smart Toto toilets can eliminate the need for physical toilet cleaning and maintenance. This feature makes them perfect for a bachelor or upbeat modern families.

Automated Seat Closing

Over 60% of all couples argue over seat closing. But with Toto toilets, one needn’t worry about seat closing.

Custom Settings

Automated toilets may seem daunting, but Toto toilets come with easily customisable settings. With adjustable water and seat temperature settings, one can customise their washroom experience.


Washlet Cleaning

Wipe the washlet with a soft and wet cloth before wringing it out and wiping it down again, as doing this keeps it clean and hygienic.

Toilet Pan

Typical toilet cleaning is sufficient for Toto toilets. Although, use a soft sponge brush and gentle toilet cleaners. However, do not leave harsh chemicals in the pan for too long (2-3 minutes tops).

Cleaning Products

It is advisable to use pH neutral cleaning agents for your Toto toilet. As such, never use bleach to clean the pan, and a gentle environment-friendly product should suffice.

Meanwhile, the use of lemon juice or vinegar can damage the sensor that detects the user in some models.

Design and Planning

Toto toilets are sleek and classy, as most bathrooms have light tones for aesthetic purposes.

Clean Edges

Pair a dark-toned slab with a sparkly white bathtub, sinks and toilets. With sharp edges, a washroom looks elegant and clean. Meanwhile, remember to get rid of any stains before they set in.

Dark Tones

Many avoid the use of dark tones. However, with a dark-tone themed house, having a dark-themed washroom is the only choice. This decision is wise if one is looking to provide a unique experience. As such, dark woods and a black Toto toilet will complete the look.

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