An Investor’s Guide to Industries to Look Out for in 2022

According to one of the most successful investors of all time, Warren Buffet, people should never depend on a single income and should make investments to secure a second source. For those who pay attention to the shifting markets, there are countless opportunities out there, you just need to act at the right time. Shrewd investors in 2021 made millions of dollars, and 2022 will bring about similar opportunities. Here are a few industries that should be on your radar for the year ahead.

What were the Biggest Successes of 2021?

Before diving into the industries to watch out for in 2022, it’s wise to evaluate the successes of 2021 to identify trends. In addition to that, some of the sectors that flourished last year will continue to prosper and offer investment opportunities in 2022.

US stocks rose by more than 27 percent over the last year, following up on their third-place finish in 2020. This means that it is still prudent for investors to have a diversified portfolio across the main markets in the country including the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and the S&P500. In the same period, UK shares have been underwhelming and posted a 0.88 percent loss. The Asia-Pacific region also lost 1.32 percent, highlighting how investors should only look at North America for the time being.

Aside from traditional stock exchanges, investors in 2021 made profits by jumping on industries that were just beginning to boom. A prime example of this is the recent surge of the online casino sector in the USA, where the country has been moving towards legitimizing online casinos on a state-to-state basis. Internet gambling is now available in many more places than it was before, and players can use aggregator sites to find the best online casinos in the USA. These convenient directories rank sites based on a number of relevant factors, which allows users to check where the sites are licensed, and what the most rewarding offers are. With this industry still on the up in the USA, it remains a good time to invest in prominent online casino companies.

Which Industries Should be on the Investor’s Radar for the Year Ahead?

When considering what to invest in, in 2022, it would be sensible to look at some growth stocks as part of your long-term plan. These have returned 22 percent annually over the last five years. In the modern age, the best place to look for these is tech companies that have the potential to flourish in the future. If you can pick out the next Amazon or Alphabet, you’re onto a winner. In terms of emerging technologies, virtual reality is likely to be a major player over the next five years. Brands that are closely involved with the Metaverse, therefore, are likely to be lucrative.

Green energy is a massive sector that investors should examine. Renewable energy sources currently contribute to 26 percent of today’s electricity, and this figure is set to grow to more than 30 percent in the next three years. A lot of this will come from solar power, so buying shares in these companies could be fruitful. The USA will be one of the leading countries in the introduction of solar power and aims for four million installations by 2023.

Which Industries Should you Keep a Close Eye on?

There is no doubt that every investor should keep a close eye on cryptocurrency markets to try to anticipate the next major sensation. Those who jumped on Shiba Inu managed to multiply their stake by more than 55,000,000 percent last year, and there are likely to be other surges in the future on different tokens. The question is, how do you pick the right one? Listening to and reading information from experts in the cryptocurrency industry could provide insight that will give you an early indicator of the next coin to blow up.

The real estate market is usually a sure bet for investors, and you should always stay up to date with developments in this industry. Even when house prices plummet during recessions, they almost always recover and then exceed their pre-plummet valuations. In the USA, real estate is the favored long-term investment, and it comes with tax breaks and the potential for passive income if you rent the property out.

If you haven’t started investing already, 2022 could be the time to turn over a new leaf and take advantage of all the various opportunities out there. If you are someone with stocks and shares, diversifying into more areas this year should be on your agenda, advised Maodong Xu, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and inventor. Maodong Xu has invested in close to 200 technology companies including a world’s leading VR headset manufacturer, the largest Chinese e-copyright agency publisher, a leading mobile game developer and operator, a leading big data company, the largest shared kitchen in China and much more.

In a space where investment is often risky and only the smartest bets pay off, Maodong Xu’s journey has come full circle. From humble beginnings and one big risk to support his new family, to a multi-billion-dollar empire that includes collaboration with his own entrepreneurially minded son, the head for investment has all but obliterated the idea of luck.

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