Faster driving facilities and smooth controls have contributed to the immense popularity of electric skateboards these days. However, we always are concerned about the safety of these fast-moving boards.

So, many people ask, “Are electric skateboards safe?” Although the concerning point is understandable, e-boards with their improved controls, great brakes, and display are safer than you would imagine at first.

However, you still need to follow the safety measures for electric boards to enjoy a safe, fun, and joyous ride on any terrain and condition.

Want to know about some more safety tips while riding an e-board, Check this article.

Are Electric Boards Safe?

Most people have a common notion that skateboards are not safe, particularly compared to bicycles. But we found the information misleading.

In practical life, electric skateboards are safe and fun to ride for all people. You are safer on an e-board than on a bicycle.

Yes, every year USA reports around 700+ deaths of cyclists and over 300 000+ minor and major injuries due to bicycle accidents. National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) and National Safety Council jointly estimated it.

But what’s about an electric skateboard?

The Journal of Transport and Health published an article regarding skateboards death. The article reported that there was 147 death reported in the US from 2011 to 2015 for skateboarders. The National Safety Council also reported over 125,000 cases of skateboard injuries in 2015 in the US. On top of it, more than 50% of these injured people are aged from 14 to 24. This is understandable since skateboards are popular among youth mainly.

This simple data clearly shows that skateboards are far safer than bicycles. This is surprising given the fact that we believe the bicycle is the safest for riders.

Nonetheless, the common injuries caused by e-boards and standard skateboards are mostly minor ones. The list includes-

  1. Face injuries that include fractured or broken jaw, broken nose, mostly.
  2. Minor head injuries, including sudden concussion
  3. Fractures around your neck, legs, and arms mostly.
  4. Also, you may experience strains and muscle pools rarely.

However, with powerful and heavy-duty electric skateboards, you will find better controls and, so, fewer accidents. Also, heavy-duty e-boards are relatively safe for riders.

But don’t be overconfident.

Even minor injuries can force you to spend a few days at the hospital or take full bed rest for a couple of days. None of these events are pleasant, and you would want to avoid them wholeheartedly. Thus, we recommend you follow the skateboard safety guidelines to avoid any injuries.

Safety Tips for Riding Electric Boards

Electric skateboards run faster and have a good range with rechargeable batteries. So, it is no wonder the fashionable and hassle-free vehicle is attaining new heights every day.  But is a matter of great regret that increasingly new riders aren’t following safety guidelines to ride e-boards.

The following list includes the common safety precautions to take for safe e-board riding. Also, it will not delimit your riding fun as most riders think.

Wear helmets:

Reportedly, two-third of injuries caused by e-boards happen due to riders not wearing helmets. Yet, it is astonishing to see how many riders don’t wear helmets. They point out that it reduces their comfort and fun on rides.

But that’s not true. A breathable and stylish helmet not only ensures your safety from fatal injuries but also ensures your cozines. Modern-day helmets are compact and lightweight. So, you won’t feel any burden additionally also.

Those who don’t wear a helmet must understand that one bad fall on the road or from uphill can send you to the hospital, in the worst case, to the cemetery. You can easily avoid such incidents by wearing a quality helmet.

Use correct shoes:

A helmet will protect your head from fatal injuries. Similarly, a pair of proper shoes will protect your feet from any fractures and such kinds of injuries.  When you are on the electric boards, you need to avoid sandals and flip shoes.

When you ride at 20MPH+ speed, wearing an open-toe shoe is like giving an invitation to accidents. A simple fall can cause you the loss of one or more toes and toenails.

Thus, it would be best if you always chose a close-toe shoe for riding e-skateboards.  You can choose sneakers with flat soles and breathability. Also, shoes with better traction and a non-slip outsole are helpful. Lastly, added cushioning will reduce the impact of any falls or hazards to keep your feet safe.

Proper adding:

What’s more pathetic is even a majority of people wearing helmets ignore proper padding. It reveals your knee and elbow joints only to make these body parts vulnerable to fatal accidents.

When you wear proper paddings around your joints, elbows, and knee joints, they will be thankful to you during accidents. It will save you from fractures and broken joints. The elbow and knee pads are, these days, breathable and lightweight. So, you won’t feel their existence until you fall from the boards on roads.

Plus, these pads are compact for carrying in backpacks and machine washable. So, you can use them for long periods, and it is worth the investment.

Reflectors and lights:

You must ensure that all the lights and reflectors of the electric skateboards are working properly. It is important when you ride in low-light or at night. In fact, some states in the USA and outer countries consider e-boards street-illegal without proper lights and reflectors.

When you use bright LED light and quality reflectors, pedestrians and other vehicles will recognize you from a distance. So, it lowers the chance of accidents and keeps you safe.

Follow the traffic law:

Although e-boards aren’t a traditional commuter, you must still follow the traffic rules properly on roads.  When you follow the rules, you are safer than ever. In fact, many e-boards injuries happen when riders try to go past the stopping signs such as red lights without waiting.

Also, you should never breach the recommended speed range on roads and pedestrian and bicycle lanes for safety purposes. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring both you and the pedestrians.

Final Words

So, here’s the answer to the question, ”Are electric boards safe?”-

Yes, electric skateboards are fun, easy, and safe to ride as long as you maintain the safety tips. Occasional falls and minor injuries aren’t uncommon with e-boards. But, the number of deaths and injuries due to the electric board is negligible compared to bicycles and motorbikes.

Nonetheless, you should wear a helmet, padding, and proper shoes even to avoid minor injuries. It won’t limit your riding fun at all. Remember that it is better to ride safely than ride recklessly only to waste your weekend in the hospital bed.

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