Placing your bets on live dealer Roulette - will live casino take over?

Everyone can plainly see the differences between land-based slots machines and their glamourous cousins, the online slot. Although they’re the same in essence, they’re on fairly different economic and technological trajectories. But which is better?

Well, first things first. Online slot machines work in much the same way as traditional land-based slot machines, apart from the fact that you can play them from anywhere and at any time. You just need a mobile device and a decent Wi-Fi connection – check the best slots providers in the UK.

Whereas you’d need real coins from your wallet to play land-based slots machines, with online ones, you simply transfer your money directly from your bank account into your online e-wallet.

Which of the two is more sophisticated?

The online gambling industry is thriving. It makes a profit year on year, there are more and more people signing up to play, more and more designers designing and more and more developers developing. As a result, the selection of slots games to choose from online is better than ever before.

Whatever your niche, whether you’re into Vikings, Egyptians, Irish mythology, movie franchises, or space conquest, there’ll be a slot game out there for you. There are thousands of them.

Because of all this money involved in the online gaming industry, there’s simply much more content available for online casinos. This benefits us, the consumers. Apart from the vast array of choice we have to choose from, the bonuses and give-aways are better to entice more people in.

Online casinos’ whole marketing package must be right. Good RTP percentages, high jackpots, exciting bonuses, free demos – the list goes on.

Clearly, land-based slots cannot compete with this. The internet has been good for some things and not so good for other things. Unfortunately, the internet hasn’t been kind to land-based slots machines, and in-house gambling is in decline in the UK for a number of reasons.

“There has been a drop in the number of land-based casinos in the UK. Many of the casinos have shut their doors, and many have also run out of business. There is a fall in the total gross gambling yield by 10% to £1.1 billion and this year (2021) it may fall below £1 billion. The growth of online gambling is what led to this decline in the UK.” The Number of Land Based Casinos are Dwindling in the UK | The American Reporter

As a result, the jackpots are not as high as with online casinos, the RTP percentages are not as generous, and there’s little evolution in the technology involved. There’s just not enough money in the industry for people to make it worth their while.

Will land-based casinos become a thing of the past?

If this downward slide continues, there’s a real thought that land-based casinos and the slots machines inside them will get shoved into History’s dark and dusty storeroom.

Yes, people will always want to visit Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, but the local casino in your town could really struggle. Places like MGM will always be there because people can combine it with a holiday to the United States, but traditional casinos may end up being restricted to a limited number – just a handful in big cities around the world.

Which are better? It’d be naïve to try to defend land-based slots machines. They’re being left behind economically and technologically. We live in a world of aggressive capitalism and money really does talk. At the moment, the online slots industry is shouting out loud.

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