Are You Smoking a Glass Bubbler Yet?

A bubbler resembles a glass pipe with water in it (often made of borosilicate glass) that filters and cools smoke using water plus a percolation mechanism for smoother puffs than a standard pipe.

A single glass component that includes the bowl, stem, liquid chamber, and mouthpiece makes up a bubbler. The majority of bubblers also have carbohydrates, which let users regulate airflow into the bowl and produce a large ember that burns continuously without the need for repeated lighter strikes. Smoke shops and pot shops (both real-world and online) frequently have bubblers for sale, but you can easily create one yourself.

The bubblers anatomy

Bubblers come in a variety of styles, but they almost always have a mouthpiece and check vape bubbler.

A glass bubbler pipe’s bowl, on the other hand, often has a short stem designed to carry a tiny amount of water. Cool, smooth hits are produced as you inhale via the mouthpiece because smoke exiting the bowl travels via this cortex, percolates, and chills in the fluid before entering your lungs.

How come you should use a bubbler?

The use of a bubbler has several benefits. Most smokers advise any marijuana enthusiast to at least try puffing through one a few times. As was already said, smoking with a bubbler results in a smoother experience that is less strenuous on the respiratory system and does not leave behind the bitter, unappealing taste that results from smoking sans a water filter. Click here for more on the respiratory system.

Bubblers are excellent for folks who enjoy smoking while on the move or while traveling since they combine the simplicity and portability of a standard pipe with the additional filtering of a bong. Additionally, they are quite portable and strong, making them ideal for packing in a backpack and bringing on day excursions, road vacations, or any other type of travel itinerary.

Furthermore, bubblers are simple to use, thus rendering them a fantastic choice for those who are relatively new to marijuana.

What is better, a bubbler or a bong?

Even though they both employ water filtration, bongs and bubblers have several key differences. One significant distinction between both of them is how easily they can be cleaned.

Since bongs are made up of several sections, it is typically possible to disassemble them for quicker, more accurate cleaning. On the contrary, cleaning a bubbler is a little more challenging because they are made of a single component. A bong can be a better choice if hygiene is important to you.

The dimensions of the bowls on bongs as well as bubblers are another significant distinction. In general, bongs have larger bowls that burn more slowly, making them perfect for group smoking or anytime you want to enjoy a lengthy session. On the reverse hand, bubblers burn more quickly, making them perfect for individuals who want to smoke quickly and smoothly while on the run.

Can you get higher from bubblers than pipes or other bongs?

Many first-time users are curious as to whether bubblers deliver a more potent or enduring high compared to pipes or bongs. And the common response is no.

The effects you experience after smoking marijuana mostly depend on your body chemistry, environment, and the type/strain of cannabis you are smoking. The fact that bongs have significantly larger bowls and can thus provide greater hits than a smoking pipe or bubbler is one difference you could notice. You could discover that bong hits make you feel more high-level than hits taken from a bubbler or pipe, depending on your level of tolerance and smoking style.

The use of a bubbler

It is great to test out new smoking accessories. While bubblers are quite easy to use, you can make sure you have a smooth, enjoyable experience by carefully following the step-by-step instructions below.

Clean up that bubbler.

Always clean and air out your smoking supplies completely before a session. To remove any dust as well as other grit which may have accumulated on the surface of the glass or within the pipe, clean the bubbler carefully even if it is brand-new.

Fill it up.

After cleaning and drying your bubbler, add cold water to the water chamber. Keep in mind that the inhalations will be cooler and cleaner the colder the water’s temperature is.

Grind the green.

Your personal choice will determine the precise consistency at which you mill your marijuana, however for bongs and bubblers, we advise a medium-fine grind (comparable to coarsely ground pepper).

If you are still breaking up buds by hand, be sure to research the advantages of utilizing a grinder and get one as soon as possible.

Stuff that bowls.

Use a pipe filter to prevent weed fragments from dropping into the water in the chamber before you begin adding ground marijuana to your bowl. Then, begin scooping some ground cannabis into the bowl, filling it loosely at first and then a little more firmly toward the top (you can press on the ground weed to pack it firmly).

By doing this, you will be able to light a good ember without restricting airflow in your bubbler.

Smoke up.

After your bowl and chamber are filled, use the tips of your thumb or just finger to obstruct the carb if the bubbler has one as you start to light the inside of the bowl and pull smoke inside the chamber gradually before inhaling. As you keep on smoking, you may open the carb or continually cover it and expose it to make a lovely ember on top of your bowl.

Can you drink the bubbler water?

However, using a bong as well as a bubbler to drink water will not make you feel high. Instead, it will make you really ill. In addition to having a foul taste, Bubbler water also includes a range of contaminants, poisons, and burned marijuana that fortunately did not enter your lungs when you were smoking.

Consuming pipe water will probably make you feel extremely queasy or perhaps sick to your stomach. Really filthy bong water may occasionally also include mold (, germs, or spores that, when ingested, can give you a few days’ worth of sickness.

Remember that ingesting water from the bubbler will not make you high because marijuana and its derivatives are not water-soluble. To ensure that you get satisfaction from clean hits each session, it is advisable to just empty the water in your bubbler down to the sewer and clean the bubbler frequently.

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