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Today many people have the craze, or they dream of settling in a foreign country, studying abroad, or traveling to distant places. But is everyone able to fulfill this dream? Because only for a few of them does this dream come true. However, there is nothing to feel low about. One way to know whether we have the chance of travelling or settling abroad is through Vedic astrology.

An astrologer can study our career horoscope and our birth chart to analyse the planets’ positions, the Nakshatras (constellations), and the 12 houses to tell us whether we will settle abroad or not.

Which astrological houses are crucial in telling about foreign journeys?

Third House – This house indicates short journeys.

Fourth House – This house indicates one’s birthplace or motherland.

Seventh House – This house can tell about journeys and foreign settlement.

Eight House – This House shows the change of profession.

Ninth House – This house indicates long journeys and fate.

Tenth House – The career of a person is known in this house.

Twelfth House – This house tells of foreign land and settlement.

Which planets tell about foreign travel?

Many people are often curious and interested in knowing which planets influence foreign travel in their horoscope. Once they know, they want to strengthen these planets to enhance their overseas journey chances. But according to astrology, it is not just one planet but a combination of planets with specific affiliation, which influence the scope of travelling abroad and if you need guidance in all this procedure then you can get from spanish immigration lawyers.

However, if one has to pick a prime planet that governs foreign travel, it has to be Rahu. Rahu by nature is foreign and alien and thus significant in your foreign travel horoscope. When Rahu is in conjunction with the houses – 1st, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, it brings the luck of going overseas.

Another planet that tells about settling abroad is Ketu. If Ketu influences the 2nd, 4th, 7th houses in your birth chart, your chances improve.

However, it is important to note that no one planet can facilitate your foreign travel. And to learn properly about the planets having a positive impact on your overseas travel in your chart, you need to consult an astrologer to get an accurate analysis.

What if you have malefic influences in your chart obstructing your foreign travel?

But suppose you have the malefic influence of certain planets hindering your prospect of foreign travel, again talking to an astrologer will help. An able astrologer will help you rectify the problems in your horoscope and strengthen the foreign travel houses and planets by providing you remedial solutions.

Summing up, astrology can impact your decisions to travel and settle abroad. There are several different combinations in a birth chart that reveal whether you possess the yoga to travel, study or settle abroad. A good astrologer can determine all these factors in your chart and give you clear insights. There is growing awareness among people about approaching an astrologer through the Best astrologer astrology app with the advent of times.

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