Athena Medical Records System for Billing Solutions

Athena medical records has partnered with healthcare organisations across the continuum to determine clinical and financial results. For making a difference for our partners, clients, and patients, our team of experts is building modern technology on an open, yielding insights, and connecting ecosystem.

Athena medical records was formed in 2019, with the merger of two experienced healthcare joints: Athenahealth, Inc. and Virence Health. Technology, expertise, insight, and customer base combined, gave us an enormous nationwide footprint. That enables AthenaHealth to have exclusively well-built health care data across the nation to unlock and understand.

Through this expansion of revenue cycle management, patient engagement services, and clinical records was achieved. Opened up our network to other partners, healthcare settings, and providers. Seeking out and eliminating obstacles to a smarter healthcare experience.

The vision of the company is to create a thriving ecosystem delivering accessible, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare for each individual. Serving through patient engagement, care coordination, medical record, and revenue cycle management service offerings. United by one Vision Athenahealth Team believes are driven by entrepreneurial spirits, and work towards a collaborative, transformational, and meaningful outcome.

Athena Health has a culture based on its people. For reaching the company goal they have created an environment that welcomes, promotes, and develops all employees, which they crucially believe in. Helping medical practises to improve their financial performance and clinical outcome with less work is the goal of Athenahealth EHR. They partake following measure to deliver it:

Improved technology that allows for more focus on patients. Finding ways to enhance financial performance and clinical efficiency. Daily care quality delivery is the challenge they have taken upon. AthenaHealth Technology helps speed up the revenue cycle, at the same time as reducing cost and making room for providers to spend more time with their patients.

Financial performance is maximised by optimising the entire revenue cycle with partnered support to take on work at scale. Financial efficiency is driven by providing services that take on administrative work, automate account receivable, reduce redundancies, and more.

Clinical efficiency to spend more time with patients is achieved by Athena EHR workflows. That is designed with a purpose to be easily and efficiently used.

Improved patient engagement through services like telehealth, scheduling, online appointments, and digital payments options. Attract and retain more patients through reduced barriers and delivering on-point patients experience.

The customer support which is dedicated and proactive helps achieve healthcare long and short-term goals. Clinical performance can be optimised with personalised guidance by clinics’ data insights and Athena network.

Keep claims flowing smoothly without putting your staff into the hassle of medical coding. Maintaining complete visibility for the whole Revenue cycle. With Athena billing software with accurate, fast, and HIPAA compliant coding. That seamlessly integrates into healthcare providers’ workflows.

Practice medicine anywhere at any time with Athena’s fully integrated mobile app. Empowering physicians to do critical clinical work on the go with their mobile devices. This easy access allows for time to catch up on work whenever it is the right time for you.

Making more time and space for patients by implementing cloud based EHR software, to ease the burden of documentation and get more quality facetime with patients.

The Athena medical records system has been recognized across the industry by:

Best in KLAS, for Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (<10 Physicians) 2020.

Best in KLAS, for Ambulatory RCM Services 2020.

KLAS, for Top 3 Performers in Overall Physician Practice Vendor 2021.

Frost & Sullivan, for RCM company of the year award 2020.

Athena EHR Pricing:

Most healthcare software costs have hidden charges and cost more than their price tag suggests and deliver less than promised services and quality. Athena health EHR functions like an investment that drives returns. Since Healthcare’s success is the top priority we only get paid when they are paid.

With athenaOne, which is an integrated set of amenities, the cost is based on a percent of collections. A tailored approach to costing is used to meet the unique goals of each organisation. Understanding healthcare providers’ particular needs lets us reduce costs and offer customised quotes.

Return on investment in healthcare solutions:

Without upgrade fees- constantly updating the network, always evolving to support the organisation.

Increased revenue- with faster collections and better schedule density.

Qualitative benefits- impact on revenue, low upfront investment, aligned incentives, and work/life balance for providers.

No Hidden Charges.

AthenaCollector ®

Athena medical billing system to help you collect faster. Making missed collections a thing of the past. For complete performance visibility, athenahealth’s revenue cycle management is developed, enabling practises to improve collections, get paid faster, and have less work.

Features and services:

Claims management: Athena billing system continuously updates the rules engine, so that errors in claims are caught as they are incurred resulting in a 93% rate of first-time resolution.

Revenue cycle dashboard: Easily access patients’ information and revenue cycle tasks from a single dashboard.

Appointment Scheduling: Optimise with scheduling tools to improve appointment density. And connect patients with automatic reminders.

Patient Check-in: Payments at check-in are made easier by verifying patient eligibility in advance or in real-time.

Performance reporting: Real-time reports, detailed and on-demand, establish a benchmark based on the Athena network and drive clients to perform better.

Other services by Athena Billing systems are:

Medical Coding: Fast and accurate coding, by HIPAA compliant coding specialists.

Authorization Management: a team of specialists to take over payers’ authorization and reduce the burden of medical staff.

Integrated top EMR systems:  take care of the full scope of the revenue cycle with technology better than an outsourced solution.

Revenue Cycle management solution:

Any large athena medical records healthcare organisation looking for a revenue cycle solution that can grow with the organisation can consider athenaIDX. It drives down the cost of collections by increasing automation and fostering best practises. These results can be further enhanced by adding athenaEDI, a clearinghouse that fully integrates with athenaIDX. athenaEDI offers proactive services to address payer issues before they arise. It can also speed up your revenue cycle and reduce days in A/R.

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