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Thanks to the OCR software, characters, words, and even the whole sentences are easily recognized. As soon as you upload the scanned document, the software begins its process. The scanned documents could be an image or a PDF file. It enables the retrieval of the entire text, also its automatic classification and extraction of detailed data. The users primarily praise the benefit of using OCR software. However, not everyone knows the use of OCR software for math equations. Solvio OCR software for math equations is one of the most trusted tools by experts. Thanks to the use of advanced AI algorithms, it allows to speed up the work and validate the data based on the text received from the OCR software.

How does the OCR software work?

Mathematics OCR software is an advanced and multi-level algorithm that can distinguish text passages (mathematic equations) from tables or frequently occurring images and watermarks in the processed document. Each character/number is assigned recognizable phrases, and the recognized characters are combined into a complete equation. The fact is that each character receives information about its position in the document. It makes searching and marking easier for the tool. It also enables the creation of solutions based on artificial intelligence, which can be used when extracting information from the document processed by the system are helpful.

Interestingly, advanced OCR software for math equations can also cope with a crooked or uneven document and photo. Even minor deficiencies in signs do not constitute an obstacle. It is only possible if you select a high-quality product. Of course, as with any algorithm, there is a limit beyond which it is no longer possible to recognize a character if the inscription is incomplete correctly.

Limitations of Online OCR to PDF Tools

The number of automatic text recognition solutions available on the market is significant. But their quantity varies considerably. What is the reason for that? Above all, the use of different algorithms for classifying characters and text areas and the differentiation of training files. Free online tools are beneficial when you need to OCR small documents or images. Most of them are cost-efficient and available for use. They don’t even require registration. On the other hand, these sites have limitations that have been highlighted below –

  • They offer limited output formats compared to software.
  • The file size to be digitized is limited to a certain amount of MB, usually 100MB.
  • Free online OCR offers support for the English language only.
  • Some require registration to access some functionality.

Why use OCR software?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology used to convert typed, handwritten, or printed text contained in an image into text. The type of image you capture or scan usually comes from an invoice, business card, bank statement, passport document, magazine article, research papers, PDF contract, or other forms. How long will it take to scan these documents? Will you spend many hours? 

To avoid wasting a lot of time on this, you can use the best Mathematics OCR software to convert quickly.

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