Spain is a popular place for inhabitants and British tourists. Spain covers beautiful natural climatic areas like Costa Del Almeria, Costa Brava, Madrid, Seville, and many others. Spain has four official languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, and Basque. The beaches, food and drink, laid back lifestyle, culture, friendly Spanish people, and historic cities add to its attractiveness. If you’re looking for properties in Marbella and require advice for moving to spain, read on.

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Choosing expert removal company

Moving to a place like Spain is a rollercoaster of emotions. It is a mixture of excitements and fear. Choosing an expert removal company to get things right and assist you is important as it avoids many pitfalls that can come with moving your belongings while moving to Spain. But, the most important facets of moving are to consider the costs of removals. Many key factors help to lower and optimize the removal costs. Some of these areas:

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Transport Options

First, you choose the shipping freight that tends to be the most cost-effective way to get your removals to Spain. You can choose these options according to your requirements and budget. When you have chosen the shipping freight option, the removal team will collect your selected goods and deliver them to your new location.

  • Road Freight

The removal companies collect your items from you and safely transport them by using Europe’s vast roads and railway networks. Many people choose the road freight option while shipping goods.


  • Part Load

This is the best option as it helps to save a significant amount of the total cost of moving your items to Spain. It is suitable for those that need moving a small number of items.

  • Air Freight

If you need to access your goods quickly or have a smaller consignment, you can choose air freight for Spain’s service. Although it costs much, it is incredibly convenient. British Airways takes ten suitcases per person with prices ranging from £36 to £120.

Shipping costs to Spain:

The weight, size, and insurance costs of your load add to the final moving to Spain cost. Also, which shipping method you choose has a substantial influence on the final costs. The cost of removals, including furniture items over to Spain, often falls around £ 2,600 and £ 6,000. You can save your removal costs by opting for part loads.

Here is a list of the main expenses that help you calculate your cost of moving to Spain. These are as follows:

Expenses Before relocation:

Before your relocating to Spain, you will need to check out different areas. You can visit at different times as it highlights the issues. These trips help you get to know the transport links, the area’s location, the local bars, restaurants, and shops. You can arrange this trip that includes

  • Budget for accommodation.
  • Budget for car hire.
  • Budget for food.

Expenses while preparing for your relocation:

These include:

Rental Deposits and Agency Fees:

Before buying a property in Spain, it is highly advisable to rent and live for at least one month in that house. You can also connect with for better suggestions.  It is a big expense. It includes one or two-month rent and agency fees.

Additional expenses:

Buying a property in Spain adds an extra 10% to 15% on top of the purchase price. It also covers

  • Transfer tax.
  • Stamp duty.
  • Land registry fees.
  • Notary fees.
  • Legal fees.

Bringing your pets:

If your dog or cat does not have a pet passport, the removal companies will ship your pets to Spain. It will charge more as it includes the expenses of vaccination and microchips, aging, breeding, and pet passports.

Items that should be avoided in removals to Spain:

  1. Banned goods:

It includes items that are restricted to use in Spain. It includes hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and asbestos fiber.

  1. New and antiques:

Any piece of art and antique you plan to sell will include duty charges unless they are more than 100 years old.

  1. Avoiding customs:

Although there are no duty charges on personal goods, it must include the tax. So avoid these items while moving to Spain.


The average cost of removals to Spain ranges from £ 3000 to £7000. It mainly depends on the size, weight, and number of items in your belongings. It also depends on the transport you choose. If you choose part load, it costs less. Choosing air freight will increase the average cost of removals.

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