Average Water Bill in Fairy Meadow

Here comes your water bill again!

Many of us take for granted the fact that we get fresh, clean water delivered directly our homes. In fact, the only time we might think about it is to be a little grumpy because the bill is so high.

Have you ever wondered how they calculate your bill or if there is anything you can do to reduce it? Find out here!

What’s in Your Water Bill?

Your water bill is more complicated than you might think. That’s why it might seem hard to make heads or tails of it when you get it.

Rather than just pay it without knowing what’s in it, learn about the different components here. Then, if by some chance there is a mistake on your bill, you’ll know!

Your water bill in Fairy Meadow is made up of three parts. One part is a fixed charge for being hooked up to the system that everyone has to pay. The second part is also fixed and covers your wastewater and sewerage services. You can’t change these parts of your bill.

The third part gives you some wiggle room. Good water habits can help you save on your quarterly bill. This usage charge is a set amount per kiloLitre. The more kiloLitres you use, the higher this charge will be.

Average Cost of Water in Fairy Meadow

What do households pay on average in Fairy Meadow?

Unlike other utility bills, like electricity, water is only billed every 3 months. This means you will have to be prepared for this expense. You may want to set aside money in your budget each month to ensure you have enough when the bill comes.

In general, the average household will pay about $300 per quarter, or $1200 per year.

Controlling Water Costs

What if you don’t want to pay that much? Here are a few simple tips to help you reduce water bills in Fairy Meadow.

Turn Off the Water

You might not leave the tap running all the time, but what about when you’re shaving or brushing your teeth? Leaving the water running for even just that few minutes each day really adds up!

Take Showers

How much water is needed to fill your tub varies quite a bit depending on the size of your tub. However, even a small tub will use a lot of litres!

Forego the bath and take quick showers each day instead. You can still enjoy a relaxing soak, but save it for special occasions.

Fill it Up

Modern dishwasher and laundry machines use less water than their older counterparts. However, they’ll still be using more water than necessary if you don’t fill them up all the way. Load them up to capacity before you run them — every time.

Enjoy Savings on Your Water Bill

We hope you understand more about how your water bill is calculated and how you can save money on it. That’s always a good feeling!

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