BBM for Android and iOS released

BBM for Android – BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) for Android and iOS has officially released on Tuesday October 22, 2013 by Blackberry. But apparently, this application hasn’t yet support all devices using the Android and iOS operating systems. Some users complained with their incompatible devices so that they failed to install this application. Some others claimed, they couldn’t install the application on the phone because at first they had successfully accessed the site , the install icon didn’t connected.

BBM for Android

At the official site , Blackberry Company gave information that applications can only be used in mobile devices . While the tablet can not use BBM . BBM also can be used by a minimal user operating system Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and IOS 7 and generations after.

Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS have actually been ready for release since last september 21. But when the news got to the surface, the application was immediately downloaded by millions of netizens and users worldwide. This is what causes the Blackberry server overwhelmed in handling registration requests so that the application can not be used. Only users of Apple devices and  iOS-based operating system that can keep the advantage of using this application.

Android users can now be able to download the app on the below link:

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