Selling your car is a lot easier said than done and if you have never sold a car privately before then it can be a very frustrating task. What you do can dictate whether the vehicle will be sold or not and it will also decide if you’re going to get a good price for it or not.

If it is your hope to trade in your old vehicle for a new ride then the best advice would be to try to sell it by yourself because you will be offered a trade-in price that isn’t a fair reflection of what the car is worth. There is a lot of time and energy involved in selling a second-hand car and so it is important that you know and understand the car buying market and the things that you need to look out for.

You also have the option of dealing with the many used car buyers Sydney or your location has. They will speed up the whole process and offer you a good price for your used car so you don’t have to deal with any members of the public at all. If you would still like to go ahead and try to sell the car privately, then here are some tips to help you do just that:

  1. Depersonalise Your Car – Many people wrongfully issued that what they have added to the car is something that other car owners would want. You need to remember that the changes that you have made a probably a reflection of your personality and everyone is not the same. It’s likely that you might have a number of bumper stickers added to your car or some other personal touches, and so you need to remove these before you offer the car for sale.
  2. Clean & Wax It – First impressions last as they say. Giving your car a thorough cleaning and waxing can help to make it stand out and to show the potential buyer that you have taken care of the car and they can be assured that everything is okay. It will only take you a little bit of time to clean both the inside and the outside and it can end up making you more money on the deal.
  3. Take Good Photographs – Make sure that your car is sitting in the right surroundings and try to make sure that there are no other cars close by. It is not a good idea to include any family members or pets in the photograph. The key here is to take a high quality photograph so if one of your kids has a smart phone with an excellent camera, then use that one. Take lots of photographs from many different angles and be sure to include both the interior and the exterior of the car. Make sure the lighting is correct. The best time to take a photograph of your car is in the morning.

When describing your car, stick to simple information like why you want to sell it, the features that it has and any additional work that needs to be done with regard to bodywork or the engine. Make sure that you tell them about the recent repairs that you have done.

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