Beginners Guide to Ledger Live

Ledger live is the new talk in town and as long as you are into cryptocurrency, it is becoming mandatory. It is an online app, compatible with just about any technological device including Apple, iOS, Android, and Windows.

The app is an easier version of the ledger website. It is easy to use even for beginners and a necessity for gurus. Here you can find all your assets in your account, and be able to do all the transactions you need to; you can buy coins, sell coins, swap assets, and more.

It works hand in hand with the ledger hardware wallet, allowing you to take full charge of your account without any risks. You can be sure that all your very crucial details are kept safe, away from hackers and scammers.

The app is also easy to use. It has a pretty simple installation process. The process also depends on your device but the instructions make it easy regardless. Once you Ledger Live, install the app, launch it in your device, add your accounts, and you are already good to go. 

Ledger Live App-How to use

Downloading the ledger app is one of the greatest favors any user can do themselves. It is easy to download, simple to use, and you get all control over your account and your assets. As much as it works with the ledger hardware wallet, it is also usable without the wallet.

Users only need to connect it with the ledger hardware wallet when they are sending assets. This is because the wallet holds the private keys that allow transaction of assets from the users account to other addresses.

Otherwise, users don’t need to connect the wallet to their device if all they need is to check balance or anything else other than sending coins. They can also receive assets without the ledger hardware wallet.

Advantages of Ledger Live

There are many reasons why a lot of users are running to Ledger Live. It is not just about the ease of use and having walking with your back and wallet securely in your pockets anywhere you go. Here are some other benefits of the app;

Have total control over your assets

Once you download the app, install, and launch it in your phone, you become the full controller of your account. The app allows you to do just about everything you need to easily and simply without having to visit any web browsers.

It is safe and secure

The fact that ledger live is connected to an offline ledger wallet, the ledger hardware app, makes it more secure and safer for your assets, your transactions, and your account in general. This is because you are the only holder to your private keys, which are stored offline. 

Allows all Transaction

Being able to send, receive, and even exchange multiple coins and assets in one place makes everything easy, and ledger live allows for that. You can always receive coins, and while connected to your ledger hardware wallet, send coins, and make all other transactions with ease. 

Multiple Coins

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular coins right now, there are many other cryptocurrency assets that are less known. The app supports multiple assets from the most popular to the least popular. 

Exchange Coins

The app not only allows you to send and receive assets, with the many cryptos supported by ledger live, users can always swipe their assets to whatever they want and like. Whether it is because you want to try out new cryptos, or it’s about preferences, you can always swap coins and assets. 

Easily Control Your Assets

It is easier to log in the app, and conduct all your transactions from one place. It has a great user interface and an excellent navigation. It also works well with the ledger hardware wallet, which you only connect whenever need be.

Easily Accessible

The app is installed in your phone and therefore you have easy access to it anytime you need. You can also get all the details you want, whether you want to read your balance, send coins, or receive assets, you can access it anytime.

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