Benefits of Arrow Boards for Traffic Control in Work Zones

The winter season oftentimes brings lots of road work and that also produces a commonly seen road apparatus, the arrow board. Whether it’s for a detour, a lane change or to protect construction crews, arrow boards regularly serve multiple purposes keep traffic away from one point and moving it to the next. Simple but effective in benefit, arrow boards can be either static simple signs or electronic signs that can be changed as needed. Nowadays, they can even be remotely controlled as seen on major traffic routes where traffic direction has to be changed daily.

Arrow boards tend to be universal in understanding. They don’t need words or codes. If people have a basic understanding of direction and are adept at driving, they can figure out arrow boards almost instantly in any country, regardless of language. And when that arrow board is on a yellow or orange background, folks tend to understand instantly it’s a warning they shouldn’t be ignored.

Constructions zones are extremely dangerous because they are a deviation from the norms of regular traffic, especially for folks who frequently travel a given route and become unsettled when there is a surprise change due to rerouting traffic. Surprises can be dangerous, and that can lead to accidents or even fatalities. As a result, arrow boards are practically must for construction sites next to or on roads, major routes, and highways. Without them, things quickly end up in chaos.

Variations of Arrow Boards

There are multiple versions of arrow boards depending on what is needed for a municipality’s projects. These include the following and their use varies on conditions and project demands:

  • Arrow Boards on Trailers – the mobile version of static arrow boards, these units are literally hitched on the back of pickup, driven to their location, parked, and planted where they need to be, and then picked up and moved again when not needed any longer. Many utilize a folding format for storage or so the signs don’t drag wind when being transported from place to place.
  • Vertical Arrow Boards on Trailers – These units work a bit more like a sailboat on wheels. When not in use the arrow shape itself is kept in vertical position on a high mast off the trailer itself. When needed, the arrow board is simply rotated and positioned for the direction to tell people where to go.
  • Fold-Frame Arrow Signs – Another of the compact portable sign versions, this model basically folks in itself for easy packing when not in need. It utilizes a small, compact battery for lighting power, and the easy folding assembly makes these signs a snap to unload and place quickly for temporary redirection.
  • Arrow Boards with Solar Power – Ideal for remote locations where an arrow sign needs to be placed but not attended regularly, this type of sign uses a solar power panel to generate the necessary power to light it up later on at night. A basic solenoid system lets it know when to turn on or turn off. Other versions just run continuously without failing due to the ongoing solar power provided by the assembly.
  • Arrow Boards on Vehicles – Many construction teams will utilize a truck for multiple purposes, including hauling tools as well as being a mobile arrow board sign as well. These setups provide a physical protection for crews working alongside road lanes in dangerous conditions as well as being able to direct traffic away with mounted arrow board for visuals.

Common Symbolism

The two most common shapes on arrow boards are, no surprise, the arrow, as well as the less common chevron pattern. The U.S. traffic routes tend to favor the arrow predominantly. However, the chevron pattern does appear once in a while, particularly on bigger signs or in urban centers with tight traffic patterns and paths. Airports are the most likely to have a chevron sign versus arrows. In some cases, arrow boards are not signs at all but literally arrow shapes themselves mounted on a frame. These are rare, used far more on private property such as amusement parks, but there are occasional exceptions. Railroad crossings can have them, for example.

Key Benefits Realized with Moving Traffic

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of using an arrow board sign is to redirect traffic away from one location to another that is safer. These signs work well for lane closures, detours, temporary lane narrowing and parking direction. Any kind of construction on the highway is easily going to need arrow boards for steering traffic away from workers who could be instantly killed otherwise by a high-speed impact.

Arrow boards tend to be made of extremely durable materials that can withstand the elements as well as wind buffering from passing traffic. Because of this type of manufacturing, arrow boards tend to be highly reusable with an initial investment that can last for years afterwards without replacement.

High Quality Arrow Board Sign Sourcing and Procurement

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has been producing various arrow board signs for municipalities for years, building up a level of experience that is hard to match. Worksafe TCI signs are fabricated from high quality enduring materials that won’t fail after a year or two of use, making them a prime investment for construction teams as well as road maintenance agencies.

In addition, Worksafe TCI provide a variety of sign type options, depending on what’s needed for a given situation. Our specialists can easily work with you to meet your jurisdiction’s needs, including bulk orders as well as distributed delivery and timed production. We regularly work with government agencies and provide preference advantages for agencies with Worksafe TCI being a woman-owned business.

Call us to find out more about our product line as well as how we can help on your next road sign refitting or smart work zones campaign. Don’t get caught in the low bid trap with poor quality signs. You get what you pay for these days, and poor-quality signage falls apart quickly. With Worksafe TCI, we guarantee our arrow board signs will last to your expectation or we will replace them. We back every product we make accordingly.

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