Benefits of Vampire Facials

For decades, facials have been a popular go-to aesthetic to maintain one’s radiance and youthfulness. Before, facials were usually perceived as a meaningless indulgence as opposed to essential self-care; however, they have increased in popularity over the years. As time goes by, numerous advancements in the field of medical science only pave the way for more effective and safer facial treatments that offer many advantages to your skin. 

What are Vampire Facials?

There are many kinds of facial treatments. Perhaps you have experienced coming into a skincare salon with absolutely zero clue where to begin or what to go for. Facials are not just boxed into a singular skincare treatment; instead, they comprise different treatment forms for your face, such as exfoliation, facial masks, or chemical peels. Ultimately, they help improve the beauty, strength, youth, quality, and health of your facial skin without resorting to invasive treatment procedures. 

One of these facial treatments is the PRP Facial Rejuvenation. Also popularly referred to as a vampire facial, it is an advanced skincare procedure that uses the natural power of your body for rejuvenation and healing. It’s considered a vampire treatment since its method involves your blood being drawn. Your blood primarily has four components: platelets, red blood cells, plasma, and white blood cells. 

Magic tends to happen when platelets are concentrated in the plasma. To achieve this, the four components that make up your blood should be separated according to density. They are then injected into your skin according to your desired needs or aesthetic preferences. You can easily for a Vampire facial in Melbourne if you want a more radiant-looking and healthier skin in just a few sessions.

Most importantly, vampire facials offer plenty of benefits. Listed below are some of them. 

  1. Firmer and Tighter Skin 

Collagen is necessary to ensure firm and tight skin. Saggy skin is usually inevitable as we age, but lines and wrinkles don’t always form during this period. Facial skin thins alongside age, and specific areas of your face such as your cheeks and lips can become evidently gaunt or thin. Collagen remedies this by plumping up your skin and filling in the hollows. Other people may opt for vampire facials to plump up their lips, while some resort to it for cheek re-contouring since it’s more viable than other invasive techniques. 

  1. No Pain

Some people may feel skeptical about the idea of Vampire facials due to the assumption that they might be painful. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Before you begin the treatment, your facial skin is thoroughly yet gently cleansed in order to ensure that there’s no makeup, pollutant, dirt, or imperfection that may cause adverse reactions toward the facial. After your face has been sanitized, your personal facial professional will apply a local anesthetic to the area where you will be receiving the treatment. While your skin around the hairline, eyes, or mouth is extremely sensitive, you can guarantee that the application of the treatment isn’t uncomfortable or painful at all. 

  1. Enhanced Moisture Retention

A thicker and stronger skin means that the deeper layers of your skin are better protected from external irritants. Moreover, it also helps in retaining moisture and unclogs pores which allow better reception to moisturizers. You can benefit from vampire facials since it decreases the appearance of pores which makes it easier for your facial skin to absorb various beauty-enhancing prescription medications. 

  1. Results last long

Other anti-aging treatments only last within a one to a two-week frame before you return for your next appointment. This isn’t the case for vampire facials, especially since you only need to get one every one or two years to maintain your youthful appearance. It’s also more convenient since you only need lesser treatments with vampire facials as opposed to the usual micro-needling just to achieve your preferred aesthetic. 

It usually takes four treatments for skin rejuvenation, where each session is scheduled roughly four or eight weeks from each other. Unlike microneedling treatments, which often take 30 minutes for the anesthetic to work and four sessions, you’ll only be undergoing half of them with vampire facials – all while receiving the same results. 

  1. Increased Production of Collagen 

Our body’s rate of collagen production starts to decrease drastically once we reach 25 years old. From this point, it continues to decline unless you do something to amp up collagen production. Otherwise, you’ll have unhealthy skin that becomes more and more visible as you age. 

If you’re frustrated by the sight of evident skin issues such as wrinkles or folds, a vampire facial will help increase your skin’s quality by increasing the production of collagen. The collagen helps heal the skin, allowing your body to grow stronger, newer, and healthier collagen which you will notice through a tighter skin.

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