Best 10 Key skills Consulting firms look for

The recruitment market for graduates now is more dynamic than ever before. As a consequence, managers seek very unique qualifications and qualities for their firms’ candidates. And maybe none so far more than in consultation. We built a list of the ten things consulting firms are searching for in potential candidates, using the expertise of our in-house experts and our partner consulting firms.

Action plan and teamwork competencies

Individuals who excel in positions of leadership and have the intuition to direct a team and take on a mission are sought after by consulting firms. If you’ve ever led a team or society on campus, planned a gathering, or started a party, you’ve shown your leadership ability.


Consultants work 60-hour shifts on average and, regrettably, spend more time with their co-workers than with their friends and families. click here about best hr consultants in dubai, consulting firms want candidates who can work together with others, who can establish alliances at all levels of an organization, and who are fundamentally good at meeting new people.

Consulting firms will be searching for proof of passions outside of your job – this is your opportunity to prove you are a friendly, engaging person, not simply a compilation of academic and work experience documents. Remember, don’t exaggerate – if you suggest you like golf, you’re likely to be asked to play at some stage, so be truthful.

Educational attainment

For some of the leading positions in consulting, academic achievement is important . Your college experience shows both your learning abilities and your ability to digest – two main features of a consultant.

Therefore, you would be worth considering an applicant with a long history of school success (including levels A including equivalents, and any school awards) and a clear record of performance at the college (including comprehensive module outcomes and expected grades).

Fit Advisory

Once you’ve made it to the interview point, a Consulting Firm is searching for someone uniquely qualified for Consulting rather than some other corporate position. Your CV will have reassured them of your academic achievements; now is your chance to demonstrate your ability to solve difficult challenges, build good relationships, and work as part of high-performing teams.

Be sure you have a few examples of achievement from your academics, extracurricular activities, and work experience. You must be able to speak about cases in which you have faced a dilemma and how you diagnosed and then resolved the issue in a methodical and calculated manner.

Conventional reactivity

Consultants often serve in a multitude of fields and markets throughout their careers. As a result, the ability to rapidly grasp the basics of a business and how it operates is critical. You will put this into effect by making sure you’re up to date on hot subjects in a multitude of markets, not necessarily the ones you’re interested in.

Your interviewer might discover that they are a huge supporter of renewable energy, giving you a great opportunity to reference the latest news in that field – even though you don’t claim to be an expert – as it will demonstrate that you are involved in and knowledgeable about major issues.

Job experiences

Candidates who have already tested their expertise inappropriate training are sought after by consulting firms. Ideally, this will be a holiday or internship that demonstrates your passion in the field of consultancy and arms you with some suggestions about what you want in a consulting company.

There’s another great professional experience with well-known brands – particularly when you can talk about transferable skills such as data processing, presenting skills, teamwork, and so on.

A Problem Solver

A Consultant’s day work revolves around collaboration, and both Consulting Firms will be searching for examples of both written and verbal communication abilities. This entails writing an application that is straightforward and succinct, as well as nailing the interview.

In addition to doing well in the interview, attempt to recall times that you used your leadership skills to good effect – for example, to defuse a tense situation, express a difficult suggestion, or enthuse the sports team.

Consciousness towards yourself

Consulting firms value self-awareness because it demonstrates a willingness to self-reflect and improves to overcome areas of vulnerability. You’ll probably be asked about the flaws, so be prepared for some nice, relevant examples.

Remember that they shouldn’t be disastrous, but “I’m a perfectionist” isn’t going to work either. You will also display self-awareness by focusing on what you’ve heard from some of your anecdotes. End your explanation of your experience leading a team by stating what you will do better next time or what you learned from the experience.

Skills in public speaking

For any consultative applicant, presentation is a vital performance criterion. You should expect to be paid to customers for several hundred pounds an hour if you are good at being a consultant so that you show adherence to detail and quality expectations from the early stage.

The company must be willing to trust you to create documentation and meetings with FTSE100 clients, so you must prove that you are in line with the mission. All of this requires a typo-free, straightforward, and well-articulated application form, a smooth CV with consistent formatting, accessible font and proper grammar, and a well-fitted, sleek, and assured interviewer who is well-polished.


Since consulting is a team-oriented profession, your willingness to collaborate with others is extremely important to your recruiters. Looking for top hr solutions dubai who can act independently and under their direction but still appreciating the benefits of being part of a high-performing team.

Be sure you have a few examples of work encounters on hand, whether it’s from a football team, a society, or a course project team. Make sure you understand what part you played and how you helped. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of model teams in mind so you can point to one that you think fits best and explain why.

To sum-up

Your consulting skillset may be an effective method for exploring consulting career openings or self-employment. In an environment where the customer and roles can change often, the expertise and qualities you acquire throughout your career can be beneficial. You would be adaptable and successful no matter where you work if you pursue self-improvement and respect your core consultancy skills. Good consultants can provide concrete and practical knowledge to help a company solve a challenge or develop a procedure. These qualities will be developed throughout your career by constantly seeking out personal resources to practice and grow your business acumen.

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