Best 70s style glasses frames

Retro is definitely back. Well, it went away in the first place. You can see modernised versions of retro style outfits, heels, bags and almost everything. The older fashion is modified to suit modern tastes and comes out as a fresh new look. For glasses, this is especially true. You can go around in the authentic 70s glasses look or get a simplified look in these glasses, up to you. The point is you might not know it; you may be wearing 70s style glasses frames too. John Lennon glasses are the most notorious ones these days. You can see quite many sporting this style. It’s just that it looks fabulous on you. If you want to check what other 70s glasses styles are still trendy, read ahead.

Circle Glasses

Circle glasses, aka John Lennon glasses, aka Korean glasses. Most music fans see these glasses as the fashion immortalised by the famous singer. At the same time, the Z generation calls these Korean glasses as many K-pop idols are seen wearing these frames. Circle glasses are definitely in trend, much more than what they were in the 70s. After all, even non-glasses wearers are wearing them too. One for fashion and the second for protection from blue light emissions. 

Round Sunglasses

How can I leave round sunglasses after mentioning circle glasses? Round sunglasses were worn by Kelly Osborne in the 70s. Now, many celebs wear similar styles of sunglasses. You can easily spot a few with their tinted styles going to galas, airports or on a casual day out. 

Cat-eye Glasses

Marilyn Monroe glasses became famous during her lifetime and after her lifetime. These glasses never went out of style. These sassy styles became women’s favourites in a wide array of colours. And why not? These frames could hide age. 

Try some of these stylish frames in bold, sassy colours or chic bubbly aesthetics. You will love both your looks.

Square Glasses

Rectangular glasses are the first choice of most glasses wearers. You can trace back your memory of your first glasses. They might have been rectangular frames too. A bit different from rectangular frames, square frames were trendy in the 70s. Rectangular glasses make you a lot more intelligent and a bit stiff. A Square with a more balanced appearance makes you appear a bit of a hipster. The 70s was an era of hipsters. Now, these frames are more of a mainstream choice. These boxy glasses frames make you geeky but more of a fun kind.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Many celebrities have worn this style. In the 70s, it was Steve Mcqueen. The king of cool wore them in his movie Thoman Crown. The shades and colours of this eyewear were excellent then, and now they still are. Tortoiseshell is evergreen glasses because of their versatility. They match everything, starting from your skin tone to your outfits. These stylish glasses can never go wrong. You can wear these glasses with your eyes closed and still look great.

Wraparound Glasses

Peter Fonda in Easy Rider wore iconic wraparound glasses. They looked incredible on him and quite functional, seeming you wear them while riding a bike. You can renew your love for sports glasses with a similar style of frames. You do not have to wear oversized sports eyewear. Simple and classy like Peter Fonda’s could do the job too.

Aviator Glasses

These glasses might appear relatively modern however they have been in fashion since the world wars. Tom Cruise made these glasses even more famous with his movie Top Gun, and now we see very stylish ones in the market. You can go for geometric aviator glasses or thick frame aviators to highlight your bold appearance. 

These trendy glasses with a much more modern style are perfect for wearing to your office, events, or casual days. Glasses make you look intelligent and a lot more confident. If you need a confidence booster, grab your pair of glasses that make you look your best and head out. And no need to feel conscious that you are wearing 70s style glasses. You look fabulous in that style, and they are trendy now, so no point in pondering over it. Just get your glasses.

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