Best Business Ideas to Start From Home

Working from home is popular nowadays. There are many business ideas that you can execute while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Do you know in 2019, the global handicraft industry was worth US$ 663.9 Billion?

The handmade merchandise market is growing at a rapid speed—all credit goes to online marketplaces like Etsy.

Herein, we are sharing 5 handmade business ideas that you can start without breaking the bank:

1.   Glass painting

Is painting your hobby? Do you love to paint on the glass when you get some free time?

If yes, unleash your inner artist, splash beautiful colors, and create glass paintings for home decor.

Whether personalized or theme-specific, glass painting adds character to dull walls and can spruce up any living space.

You can easily get art glass supplies nearby your home or you can order online.

2.   Jewelry making

Being unique and attractive, many people love to wear handcrafted jewelry.

You can use beads, metals, stones, leather, clay, and glass to make beautiful jewelry items.

Also, you can make customized jewelry where you let your customers choose certain colors or even get their names engraved on ornaments.

However, like other businesses, choosing your niche and pricing your jewelry right is important.

3.   Gift baskets

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event, gift baskets are sold throughout the year for various reasons.

If you are creative and love delivering presents, making gift baskets is a cost-effective business idea.

For instance, a bag full of notebooks, color pens, and pencils is ideal for a new school student or a backpack filled with baby items is perfect for new parents.

You can sell your gift baskets online, in trade events, at local shops, and among your friends through word of mouth marketing.

4.   Greeting cards

Greeting cards allow people to express their feelings to the family, friends, clients, and employees.

People need them on countless events like birthdays, condolence, graduations, festivals, and anniversaries.

If you are creative and are good at writing and drawing, you can easily start a home-based greeting card business without spending a lot of money.

5.   Knitted items

People love to buy knitted products like scarves, sweaters, finger warmers, beanies, and blankets.

In case you know how to knit and want to work from home, starting your own knitting business can financially and personally be beneficial.

In the end…

Home-based businesses offer you an opportunity to enjoy creativity without compromising on the commercial benefits.

Apart from the above, there are many on-trend business ideas that you can start this year.

Which business idea interests you the most? Do comment below!

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