Best Cheap USP-S Skins - Top 5 Skins

Many CS:GO fans choose this defense starting pistol over the P2000. Despite lower ammo capacity, it provides better firing precision, and the silencer eliminates unwanted noise. The gun has been popular since its emergence in 2013. Today, you can choose from over two dozen variations.

The USP-S skins are very different, from camouflage to futurism to noir. While the rarest examples cost over $100, some popular versions are as cheap as chips. These items provide great value, as they are both attractive and affordable.

1.   USP-S Flashback

This gem appeared in 2018 as part of the Forbidden Zone collection. It costs between $1.5 and $6 for a float version and the frag counter edition, respectively. This firearm is ideal for fans of the M4A1-S Flashback. Even fresh copies of the weapon look authentic and field-tested, which is an advantage in this case.

2.   USP-S Lead Conduit

This gun will set you back $1-$4, while its StatTrak™ counterpart costs between $4-$14. The firearm was unveiled in 2016 as part of the Wildflame range. Today, it is still popular because of its appearance and price.

The grip is painted dark olive and black. The sophisticated engraving shows curls and broken zippers. The item will grow darker as your float increases, but it will not lose its coolness. It is a solid alternative to the Glock-18 Royal Legion.

3.   USP-S Cortex

Remember the Welcome to the Clutch update? It first appeared in 2018. Since then, this version has maintained its appeal. It is both eye-catching and peculiar with a soft pink palette. The grip is rather unconventional — it shows a skeleton with brain matter covering the slide and the silencer, and turning into the inscription USP on the latter.

If you have a penchant for cartoon characters, you are bound to appreciate this marvel. Importantly, even when the item loses quality, its extraordinary pattern hardly changes at all. Prices for the basic edition start at $4, while the StatTrak™ version costs between $10-$43.

4.   USP-S Torque

Even the factory new version of this firearm will cost just a couple of dollars. The gun is both cheap and attractive — and the factory-new version costs around $2. The detachable silencer reduces recoil and allows you to shoot stealthily. The look is sleek and modern, with a combination of black, white and acid yellow.

5.   USP-S Blueprint

This skin looks futuristic with its glowing paint and pattern resembling an architect’s blueprint. The slide is black, and there are neon-blue lines on the edges. The item is fairly cheap. The basic field-tested version costs just over $4, while its StatTrak™ counterpart costs three times as much.

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