Best Data Science Courses

A revolution has taken place in the field of data science, a technology everyone seems to be discussing. Data Science is touted as the newest sexiest profession with few people familiar with the technology in the true sense.

With cutting-edge technology without access to professionals who can turn it into actionable insights, Big Data is meaningless. Many organizations have opened their doors to big data and are exploiting its power these days, increasing the need for data scientists who can gather actionable insights from massive amounts of data.

In today’s world, data analysis and processing have grown increasingly important and that’s where the data scientist steps in.

Since Data Science skills are in such high demand, online data science courses have seen an increase in popularity. The availability of online Data Science courses is fantastic for at-home learners, but it could complicate finding the perfect one. It’s nearly impossible for newcomers to choose the “ideal” course among all the high-quality lectures available.

Here we selected criteria to look at when you are choosing the best data science online course:

  • It covers all aspects of data science;
  • Open-source libraries and tools are used throughout the course;
  • It covers the basic algorithms used in machine learning;
  • The course combines theory with application;
  • You need either an on-demand course or a monthly or so course;
  • Students work on real-world assignments and projects;
  • Instructors are engaging, personable, and professional.

The Best Online Data Science Courses

Thankfully, some Data Science programs have risen to the top in recent years. If you are in the early stages of learning machine learning or wish to perfect your Python skills, here we selected the best data science courses that meet your skill level and expectations:

Data Science Ready — Harvard University 

One of the most popular introductory courses in data science is Harvard University’s “Data Science Ready” curriculum. The Harvard Business School created this course for a simple introduction to data visualization and data organization without confusing jargon.

Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)

Students in this Data Science Specialization take 10 courses on the Coursera platform that introduce them to concepts and tools they’ll need throughout the data science pipeline.

In this course, learners will develop the capability of asking the right questions, manipulating data sets, interpreting conclusions, and creating visualizations to present the results.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by University of Michigan (Coursera)

Coursera’s Data Science program was created by four professors of the University of Michigan. It helps learners who have a basic understanding of programming gain insight into data and manipulate it effectively. Five data science courses using Python are offered covering various data science methods, techniques, and skills. Learners are expected to have a basic understanding of Python or at the very least another programming background.

Analyses of text and social networks are emphasized. Statistical analysis, machine learning, information visualization, and graph theory are also included. This Python course teaches students how to analyze data with popular Python libraries including pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, nltk, and networkx. These courses include Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, and Applied Social Network Analysis in Python. All five courses must be taken for the certificate.

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