Are You Going Digital Or Out Of Fashion? Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 with High ROI

Jeff had a clothing business. He had a shop down the street and earned some handsome amount of money. He was doing well but suddenly, his world came collapsing down in front of his eyes. A deadly virus has engulfed the world into its vicious cycle and every business went to a standstill. Jeff was in a fix but then he got an amazing idea. Jeff opened his website and started selling clothes there. Jeff started earning double what he originally earned. He used digitalisation in his favour and against all odds, made a successful living for himself, better than ever. Jeff is smart. Be like Jeff.

If your business is to stay ahead of the others in today’s online landscape, you need to adapt to the rapidly evolving changes and trends in digital marketing. In today’s world, technology marketing automation moves faster and consumer interests and behaviour are hard to predict.

Marketers cannot just close their eyes and hope the old, conventional methods will work. We all need to adopt a method or two from the best digital marketing trends with high ROI especially when we are in 2021 and everything is online and just a tap away.

Now, What is digital marketing ROI?

Digital marketing ROI(Return on Investment) is the measure of the profit or loss generated by digital marketing campaigns. A positive return means that your earnings are more than your investments.

ROI shows you if your marketing strategy is on the right track or not. Without this measurement, you would never know where would be the right place to put your money into or what worked and what did not. ROI helps you understand how to allocate your budget best, and the best way to know your ROI is by using a marketing P&L template to check your profit and loss.

Top 10 to Your Rescue: Digital Marketing Trends with High ROI

Now that we know about the basics of ROI, let’s discuss a few trends that are thought to be generating the highest ROI this year.

  • SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing can be a great way of connecting with customers, building subscribers lists, earning repeat business and building brand loyalty. This works better for businesses that sell high-ticket products and those with a strong sales department that can follow through with prospects and customers. SMS marketing Software is reputed for being the highest generating ROI trend.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO optimizes your website to improve organic rankings with the hope of increasing sales. SEO also helps enhance brand awareness and authority. It can be a very powerful and effective digital marketing channel that, when done correctly can deliver higher ROI.

There is only one number 1 position for any given keyword in the world and it takes time to master the technique, so it’s better to work on it while using other channels. SEO usually works best for established companies that produce a lot of content.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots were always an important digital marketing trend and will continue to be so in 2021 too. This technology is AI-based and uses instant messaging to chat with customers or site visitors.

Many customers prefer to chat with chatbots as they are available 24/7 and answer promptly and never get impatient. These virtual assistants offer accurate and precise information.

Answering simple questions is best done with chatbots as they save both ends a lot of time and are available whenever you want.

  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends of today and also for the upcoming future. Video by far is the most popular and engaging way customers want to learn more about any product.

There are tonnes of ways to increase engagement for your video marketing. Not only on YouTube, but you can also record a video shot and post it on social media or start a live stream. Reading a long write-up on the small screens of your phone can get tedious sometimes and so the video is a better way to make the customers hear what you want to say.

If your site includes video, it is 50 times more likely to draw organic searches compared to texts. Google pushes the pages including videos higher in the rankings as people find videos more compelling.

Some video marketing trends that are gaining more traction:

  • Live videos
  • 1:1 videos
  • Video SEO
  • 360° video content
  • Visual Search

From searching for a song just by long-pressing your home button and capturing the tune of the song to using Google lens to search for a shoe in a picture you liked, people are changing. Visual searches have gained a lot of popularity and are a trend of this generation.

Visual search can take you to a different new level. You just need to upload an image and you get all the information you need right there. It’s that easy really.

Many websites have already adopted this new trend like the Pinterest lens, Google lens, CamFind, Bing visual search. Marketers can get the edge on this competition just by jumping on to the visual search in 2021.

  • Voice Search And Smart Speakers

Companies are being forced to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Voice search plays an important role in providing relevant information just by audio exchanges. AI is getting better every day and the mistakes made by them have decreased greatly thus making them more efficient.

Voice search is a great way to spread brand awareness. In 2021, more businesses will try to tap into this trend and experiment with new ideas to use smart speakers as a lucrative channel for increasing sales.

Assistants like Google, Alexa, Siri have already gained quite the popularity and they do prove how useful voice search can be. Hoping into this trend can help generate higher ROI.

  • Interactive Content

 Interactive content is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends in recent times. In 2021 we are sure to see a rise in engaging content with a more immersive experience.


  • Quizzes and polls
  • 360° view videos
  • Embedded calculators

It is original and fresh and also makes the customers feel more connected and involved in the whole process. Interactive content is more engaging, more memorable and more likely to generate higher ROI.

  • Augmented Reality(AR) And Immersive Technologies

Virtual Reality has gained a lot of popularity but AR is much more implementable from the marketing point of view. Many brands are increasingly using this technology to increase sales and enhance the consumer experience.

AR is an interactive real-world experience where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated information and new objects can also be added to the scene to give you a rough idea of how it would look if there.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC can be a promising resource for marketers who want to hop into the millennial markets. Encouraging your user to share unique content in return for some sort of discount or incentive or partnering with them for a good cause can be great for digital marketing. UGC can influence the decisions of other people as people tend to trust other people who are like them more than companies. This trend will definitely up your digital marketing game.

  • Social Media Marketing

2021 will see marketers tapping into the potential of video and interactive content on social media. They will have to be consistent and work hard to build up a community of loyal followers. Posting content that people can relate to will help increase brand engagement and sales. Authenticity also plays a big role in this sort of digital marketing channel.

Here are some social media trends to keep an eye on:

  • Facebook pay
  • Oculus
  • Instagram removing likes
  • IGTV

These few trends of 2021 are going to help you increase brand engagement and also generate higher ROI. That’s a wrap for today. If you liked this blog post, do share it with family and friends or someone who might find it useful. Also do let us know in the comment section below which trend are you planning to opt for in 2021? We are transforming with time, and you?

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