Are you struggling to pick a digital signature app? Perhaps you’re responsible for managing a complex document workflow for a large enterprise Or you might be a small business owner or freelancer who is tired of handwritten signatures and on the lookout for a more efficient, modern alternative.

Whatever your reason for searching for a new esignature software, we’ve got you covered. We’ve evaluated eight of the web’s leading providers. After reading the concise reviews below, you’ll know precisely which one fits your needs.

Reviews of the Top 8 Document Signing Apps

  1. PandaDoc – PandaDoc is a leading document management solution. Along with extensive electronic signature tools, including drag-and-drop fields, secure online storage for documents, auto-generated signature certificates, and client tracking tools, users also have access to a suite of workflow automation and team collaboration tools. If you’re looking for an app to streamline your whole workflow, PandaDoc is well worth checking out. A “forever free” plan, which allows for unlimited signature requests is also available.
  2. DocuSign – DocuSign is a well-known brand and one of the most widely-used digital signature tools on the market. It comes with an easy-to-use set of e-signature features and supports multiple file formats. Pricing plans are also reasonable, although there are better, more inexpensive options for those handling a low volume of documents.
  3. RightSignature – RightSignature is a software brand owned by Citrix. Two plans – one for individuals and freelancers and another for large companies – are available. One of the big upsides of RightSignature is that integrations are included even on the entry-level “Standard” plan.
  4. Adobe Sign – Adobe Sign is another well-known name in the e-signature space. It’s an excellent option for people and organisations that already use the Adobe suite of software tools or process high volumes of PDF documents. Notably, the premium plan also supports the use of highly secure digital signatures (along with standard electronic signatures).
  5. Signaturely – Signaturely is an intuitive and minimal app that is ideal for individuals and small organizations. It doesn’t offer much in the way of advanced workflow management features, but users will find everything they need to upload, send, and track documents. It also integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox.
  6. Proposify – Proposify is a complete document management solution. As such, users have access to a large set of workflow features in addition to e-signature tools. The comparatively higher cost of the software reflects this. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced solution, it’s definitely worth trialing.
  7. Contractbook – Contractbook is an enterprise-level solution (plans start at $300 a month) with an emphasis on contracts. Advanced features include support for digital signatures, an extensive templates library, and automation tools.

Eversign – eversign is suitable for individuals and small and medium-sized organisations. It provides users with a dependable set of electronic signature tools along with some other features not available elsewhere. These include two-factor SMS authentication for signers, API access on lower-tier plans, and premium support across all paid subscriptions.

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