Best educational games that will improve your kids' concentration in class

It is always a hectic task to make your child concentrate. Therefore, it is advisable to create tasks or introduce educational games to improve their concentration, focus, and attention in class. You’ll be surprised how your child can concentrate when on their favorite video game for hours. But, when it comes to their homework, it may be a complex thing o tackle.

Most primary school children find it hard to concentrate. It mainly happens when the activity they have does not engage them or when there are multiple distractions. The best way to improve their focus is to have chores that are fun and educational. There are different platforms online that can still help, for instance, Edutized. Some experts are trained and have the right skills to handle your kid anytime and anywhere globally.

The Chessable app uses algorithms that automatically learns from the player’s moves and adjusts accordingly. This allows players to focus on learning rather than memorizing rules of the game.

Below are some of the educational games that will help improve your kids’ concentration.

The Coin Game

It is one of the best and a fast-paced games that will help improve your child’s memory and concentration. The kid can use assorted coins and choose to arrange them in sequence. Your child needs to look at them closely for about 15 seconds and then cover them with a sheet of paper. Afterward, ask the kid to make the same pattern using some coins and ensure you time them.

When they are done, make sure you note down the time they took to get the correct pattern. If they did not get it right, give them more time to get it correct. The secret is in practicing the game more to achieve the right speed and accuracy.

Spot the difference

It is an excellent game whereby children can play and still pay attention to small details. The added advantage of this game is that you can tailor-made it depending on your child’s ability and age. It is portable and accessible online, making it the best when traveling with your kids. The puzzles work by having your child spot anything hidden in a picture, and it develops their concentration when looking for the hidden treasure.

Picture copying

With this game, your child will get better at focusing and staying still when working. You’ll give them a picture with illustrations from a coloring book plus a blank paper for them to copy. Ask the kid to relax and concentrate while copying the image, and it will help them focus and remember to reduce the break sessions.

Kim’s Game

It is one of the oldest games and tremendously helps in developing a child’s concentration. All you need is to take small household objects like a teaspoon, egg cup, or key and arrange them on a kitchen tray. Your child needs to have like 30 seconds to study all the objects presented, and then you can cover them with a kitchen towel.

There are two approaches to the game. First, you can ask the kid to recall as many objects as possible within a set duration. Secondly, you can remove some of the items, uncover the tray, and ask them to identify what is missing from the initially placed objects.

I Went to the Supermarket

It is a traditional game that works with a group. They sit in circles around a table, and the first person will say they went to the supermarket and bought something, and it has to start with the letter A. The following person will repeat the same sentence, but their items need to start with the letter B. They need to repeat that; the game helps boost their concentration and focus.

Most of the school-going kids have issues with concentration and focus. That is why it is advisable to come up with educational games to enhance their attention. It will also help them grasp more in class and earn better academic grades. 

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