EMF protection device

As the world enters into the peak of a technological advancement wave, life gets tenfold easier. Everything is a click away, and the world is in the hands of technology. Our phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, everything is not a luxury anymore but a necessity, one you cannot live without. Even though these devices make our life simpler and facilitate us, there is also a huge disadvantage of using these devices: EMF radiations.

EMF radiations emitted from such devices are potentially hazardous to your health, but we can’t just rid ourselves of these devices. What we can do, however, is establish measures to protect us from the increasing EMF radiation exposure.

EMF protection and its rising need in Australia:

Australia has been one of the leading countries in technological developments with the wide use of WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and 5G services. These services have made the lives of every Australian easier and have shaped the world and the country to a better version of itself, much more advanced. But these services also produce human-made electromagnetic fields, which could be dangerous to your health. That is why EMF protection is needed, and you can use two different technologies to do so: Somavedic devices and Blushield devices.

An overview of Somavedic devices and which one suits you:

Somavedic technologies are based on the simple principle of releasing controlled energies stored in precious and semi-precious stones. Using this principle, Somavedic 5g exposure eradicating devices create a life support field that is beneficial for everyone present in a 30-meter radius of that device.

Somavedic Australia is the best option for you if you want to give yourself and your family ultimate protection from electromagnetic field radiation exposures. There are two types of Somavedic devices series you can choose from: the essential series and the premium series. Both of them further contain different models which you can select according to your requirements and affordability. Let’s take a look at some of the best models.


The Somavedic medic model is from the essential Somavedic series. It stands as a foundation of the whole Somavedic standard line. It is best used in places where more significant amounts of protection are needed from electromagnetic field radiations in a more considerable intensity, like densely populated cities. It is also best used in homes, hospitals, clinics, massage centers, etc. It eliminates the risk of hazardous substances like radiation from 3G, 4G, and 5G.

Medic Green Ultra:

The bestselling product, Somavedic medic green ultra, has not only passed three laboratory tests but has also been scientifically proven to work single-handedly in places where two or more Somavedic medic models were needed. Therefore, it is best suitable for large properties like offices, and other large buildings at risk of EMF radiation exposure. Similar to its previous medic model, it eliminates the chances of 3G, 4G, 5G, and geopathic zones, free radicals, molds, amongst many other hazards.

Moreover, it looks incredibly sleek ad stylish, with its body made from yellow glass. The yellow glass makes Somavedic green ultra-look classy and also helps it to neutralize the effects of EMF radiation exposure.


The most unique of all the Somavedic models is the Somavedic gold model, customized separately for every customer. A premium piece, the gold model, is based on the fundamentals of quantum physics and, like other models, uses the principles of stones and minerals. The vibrations of the rocks inside the model are strengthened with their connection to metals and the tesla coil. But how does the model use quantum physics?

Every matter has some feelings inside it, be it conscious or unconscious, and stored in a cloud called the quantum field. The structure of the Somavedic gold model and the vibrations programmed inside it are how they structure the information stored in the human quantum field, which activates self-healing processes, protecting us.

Why do we call it gold, though? Because it is plated with 24-carat gold!

Apart from its usual job of eradicating the risk of EMF radiations, free radicals, geopathic and psychosomatic zones, it also influences the redox potential, energy, memory, characteristics and structure of water.

All the benefits you achieve:

Somavedic Australian devices are scientifically proven to be highly beneficial to your health in various ways.

  • It reduces the EMF radiations, including your mobile phone radiations.
  • EMF radiations cause fatigue and tiredness in a person. The Somavedic technologies improve the fatigued state and reduce levels of exhaustion by lowering exposure to emf radiation. This increases your focus and work productivity.
  • The constant, unfiltered exposure to EMF radiations leads to a disturbed sleep cycle. Somavedic devices improve your sleep cycle and let you have a peaceful rest by eliminating the radiations which affect your sleeping habits.
  • You will soon feel energized throughout the day and able to do a lot of tasks you weren’t before after a few days of use of your somavedic device. Once again, this improves your focus and concentration, which leads to a more dedicated, productive, hard-working you who produces quality results in work.
  • An overall feeling of calm will envelop you after a few days of using your Somavedic device, and you will experience feeling at peace and relaxed throughout the day.
  • The Somavedic devices harmonize water to what it is supposed to be in its natural and most beneficial state. All you have to do is place your water near the model, and it will turn it into harmonized water which is much better for your health.

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