Best escape rooms Near Fullerton

Fullerton is located just 22 miles away from the city of Los Angeles. Known for its pleasant climate and happening nightlife, this city is a bucket-list-worthy place for any traveler. With over 85 escape room companies within 50 miles of its radius, the city is a must-visit place for people who love escape games.

With so many options available at hand, Fullerton offers you an unmatched variety of escape room experiences. Whether you are a fan of horror or a true crime enthusiast- you will most probably find an exact fit for your personal preference among the 230+ escape games available in and around the city. However, no matter what you end up choosing, it will be ideal for any occasion or company. For example, at Wild Goose Escape, you can enjoy a fun family night, celebrate with your friends, or host an entire party! With the best prices and unique themes, Fullerton offers you some of the best escape rooms in the state.

Best Escape Rooms Fullerton

Since Fullerton offers a huge variety of escape games, the sheer volume of the choices can become very overwhelming for someone who is new to the concept or the place. So, to help avoid confusion, here are 5 of the best escape rooms near Fullerton you must visit for a premier escape game experience:

  1. Escapade Games: Looking for some horror-themed escape games and adventures? Established in 2016 by Julia Ostrovskaya and Krill Ostrovskiy, the brand offers you the most elaborate and scariest escape games. The unique horror-themed escape rooms are designed with music, decorations, and actors to immerse the players in a captivating storyline. Escapade games have been awarded Keys to Greatness- Best Horror Them, 2021 Award by Escape Authority for its excellent services.

Average Cost:  $32/person

Number of Games Offered: 2 games

Group Size: 1-12 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 14 can play independently.

  1. Wild Goose Escapes: Established in 2015 by Amanda Contreras, the inspiration for this escape room brand came from an ad Amanda saw on social media. The aim of Wild Goose Escape is to redefine fun through immersive challenges with diverse themes and different difficulty levels. With an overall 4.7 stars rating, this brand is one of the best escape room providers in the area.

Average Cost:  $35/person

Number of Games Offered: 10 games

Group Size: 2-66 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 7 can play independently.

  1. Infinity Escape: This is family-owned brand offers escape games featuring off-beat puzzles with state-of-the-art technology. Infinity Escape was established in 2016 by Jorg G. and his friends, with a vision of delivering outstanding experiences while maintaining challenging gameplay. The brand offers a variety of mystery and horror-themed escape rooms that immerse the players in a captivating world. These highly immersive escape rooms have been recognized by people all over the country and have also been featured on esteemed media platforms such as Themed Nation and Find Your Escape.

Average Cost:  $32/person

Number of Games Offered: 2 games

Group Size: 2-13 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 18 can play independently.

  1. Escapement Rooms: This is a locally owned brand that offers family-friendly experiences to engage players in puzzle-based adventures. Escapement was established in 2021 and aims to provide original escape experiences with out-of-the-box gameplays and room designs. Each escape game is curated with creative puzzles and intricate clues to provide you with an unmatched adrenaline rush while you race against the clock.

Average Cost:  $35/person

Number of Games Offered: 1 game

Group Size: 2-6 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 12 can play independently.

  1. Not Another Escape Room: This is a locally-owned brand that offers live-action adventures through its unique themes and puzzle-solving experiences. It was established in 2019 by two escape game enthusiasts, with the aim of offering movie-like escapades to the people of Fullerton. Each escape room at this facility is curated with an original storyline and a corresponding room setup that features detailed props and interactive set pieces. The gameplay is designed to challenge players and make them think out of the box.

Average Cost:  $32/person

Number of Games Offered: 3 games

Group Size: 1-20 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 14 can play independently. Players above the age of 10 should be accompanied by adults in order to play.

So, now you know which places to stop by while you are visiting Fullerton. Drop by at these escape room facilities and experience some of the most immersive and adventurous escape games of your lifetime. Each of these companies has also shown dedication towards employee and customer safety by closely maintaining CDC Covid guidelines. So, you can visit their escape rooms physically without worrying about the safety of your people.

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