Best Horror Movies

As the horror genre goes into one of its most creatively intense phases, you may be wondering what you’d like to see and what you should skip. Let’s be frank, horror fans: a lot of the variety we value is garbage. Yet we carefully weed through the trash to discover buried treasure.

Netflix presents a fantastic range in horror movies ดูหนังใหม่ , including classics such as The Evil Dead or Netflix Originals such as Gerald’s Game, among many others.

Movies to Watch on Netflix

Netflix may be a multi-genre site, but its catalog of horror movies tends to make up some fantastic selections of the horror genre. From original content and advanced monsters to cult favorites and masterpieces, this streaming platform serves up some wicked lineups for all horror fans.

Fear is perhaps the primal impulse of humankind, and our best horror movies on the Netflix list can help you tap into the feeling with new gems and iconic frights. We enjoy horror for several purposes. Many enjoy the suspense, some the intrigue of if a murderer is out there and some only like to see teens get terrorized. We’re not here to criticize, neither Netflix. Well, we’ve got all the horrors and terror with our favorite Netflix horror movies ดูหนังฟรีออนไลน์. If horror movies are your favorite, Netflix has a lot of them, so we’ve selected some of the scariest, funniest, and so strangest movies.

Here is the list of some best horror movies:

  • 1922 (2017):

One of the many adaptations published by Netflix by Stephen King is 1922, based on one of the writer’s short stories from his book, Full Pitch, No Stars. Set in Omaha, Nebraska, 1922 revolves around a man called Wilf (Thomas Jane) who persuades his son to help destroy his wife to save her from running away and selling her house. However, when he learns that his horrific act would have severe psychological implications, Wilf is now plagued by the spirit of his child, the rodent infestation of the hell-bent on destroying his house, and the plague that refuses to leave him. You can also watch more movies like 1922.

  • Apostle

Religious elements go hand and hand with horror movies, and the Apostle of Netflix is a perfect illustration of that. Compared to The Wicker Man in 1973, the Apostle is based on a man called Thomas (Dan Stevens) who infiltrates a sinister group to locate his child. While there, he learns the unsettling interaction of the religion with Christ, which focuses less on compassion and harmony than suffering and torment. Writer Gareth Evans – better recognized for the action-packed Raid movie series – mixes shocking excitement with faith-based terror, enhancing two hours of unnerving suspense and a decent amount of body horror.

  • Candyman

Some of the most beautiful horror films of the 1990s, producer Bernard Rose’s Candyman is indeed an outstanding study of racial tensions and social disparity in America, at least in the prism of the moment it was produced. Tony Todd plays the titular hook-handed antagonist, who is compelled to come to someone who says his name five times in a mirror, and then slit it from groin to gullet. Virginia Madsen often looks like a graduate student, Helen Lyle, a lady who very much doubts her choice to ridicule Candyman with scepticism.

  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe

There are very few horror movies with a setup as good as this one. Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch played as a coroner and his wife in a small town. They have a late-night supply with a body that doesn’t make sense. Her outside seems clean, but everything inside is a disaster. When they try to solve the puzzle, events get very, very weird.

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  • Child’s Play

Horror literature is full of killer dolls, but probably the most typical is Child’s Play’s Chucky (Brad Dourif), a Good Guy abducted by the ghost of actual serial murderer Charles Lee Ray. Although the concept of a killer doll lends itself to comedy, this first picture, directed by Tom Holland, mainly plays life-threatening stuff. Chucky’s looking to move his soul to the body of a little boy called Andy, and he’s going to wipe looking everyone who’s trying to bring the goal in his path. The most recent Chucky sequel, Chucky’s Cult, also is available to stream on Netflix.

  • Cargo

Cargo is the strongest of what we call an emo zombie wave of horror. This looks at Martin Freeman as a guy who’s just lost his wife to cancer, and who’s just looking at his psychotic switch. He has only 48 hours before he is one of the dead wanderings through the Australian countryside, so by that point, he needs to locate a suitable safe place for his baby girl. It’s well done and brings a few twists to the traditional zombie story.
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