Best Places to Buy Fizzy Mega Bags in the UK

Searching for delicious fizzy bags in your locality? Search no more. Here we are providing a list of places from where you can buy fizzy mega bags for yourself as per your choice. We hope you will enjoy the experience by trying these.

1.   Bye Bye Gluten

Bye Bye Gluten is amongst the top of the list and is known for providing the best fizzy mega bags. Bye Bye Gluten is known for providing the world’s first gluten-free pick and mix brand. Their sweets are completely vegan.

Their sweets might be gluten-free, but there is no need to worry as they are for anyone who has a sweet tooth. You will be surprised to see their collection as it contains a variety of sweets that are great for your taste buds.

Their fizz free mega bag 800g/2kg is a mixture of fizzy sweets which consists of the following;

Dummies, fizzy peaches, fruit pastels, apple slices, blue raspberry bottles, bubblegum cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, glow worms, peach rings, strawberry puffs, strawberry tarts, triple hearts, twin cherries, sour snakes, and watermelon slices. You can get it for £9.99.

The ingredients used by Bye Bye Gluten contain

Glucose syrup, water, dextrose, gelling agent, modified starch, corn starch, potato starch, beef starch, malic acid, fumaric acid, sodium malates, anticaking agent, maize starch, and many more.

If you are searching for delicious vegan sweets in the UK, then there is no better option than Bye Bye Gluten.

Bye Bye Gluten has not only gained a reputation for their vegan sweets only but has won the hearts of people in the UK for providing the best quality products in the entire confectionery market. Their sweets are not only for vegans; rather, they are loved by everyone in the country.

Their sweets are halal-friendly and enjoyed by the Muslim community as well. Anyone who has a sweet tooth would surely love their sweets as they are delicious and good for your body. They do not cause any harm to you.

2.   Vegan All Sorts

Fizzy bags made by ‘Vegan All Sorts‘ are loved by vegans all over the world. The brand is well renowned for its special fizzy sweets. Their fizzy mega bag is the second best-seller, which lies just behind our mega bag.

Their fizzy mega bag consists of;

Cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, American hard gums, Dummies, Tongues, Big Strawberries, rainbow shocks, watermelon slices, teddy bears, Apple belts, Big Rainbow, blueberries, cherries, blue babies, orange and lemons.

Their other specialties include vegan fudge, vegan coconut ice, vegan, gluten-free range, and vegan palm oil free range.

3.   Sweet Delivery

Sweet Delivery is another quality option if you are looking for quality fizzy mega bags. Their 800g fizzy bag consists of

Fizzy fangs, blue stars, watermelon slices, Dummies, Bubblegum bottles, Cola bottles, Fizzy Strawberries, Fizzy snakes, sour apples, and much more.

Sweet Delivery might seem a new brand to you, but they focus on providing quality products. They offer a wide range of Mega bags ranging from vegan to jelly. Anyone who has a sweet tooth would love their sweets. They take pride in providing quality sweets at your doorstep.


In this article, we highlighted the best options to get fizzy mega bags for yourself. We have listed three options among which you can choose the best of your choice. If you are searching for the best option, we recommend you to go for Bye Bye Gluten.

They have gained a significant reputation for providing quality fizzy mega bags in the UK. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love their product.

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