Best Quality Blonde 613 Hair Bundles and Full Lace Wigs

We, women, love our hair and always think of doing something new with them. Some change their hairstyle for special occasions, while some like to change their hairstyle every season. We also save the gorgeous hairstyles on our Pinterest board.

We see those beautiful and long hair extensions and think to ourselves how beautiful we will look with long, shiny, and thick hair. But then we think of hair damage and the extensive care required to keep those pricey extensions at their best. But not any more. Luxury Weaving Lounge brings you the variety of the best quality hair extensions and installing services to turn you into a beautiful real-life Rapunzel.

Luxury Weaving Lounge

Luxury Weaving Lounge started as a passion project and has turned into a successful business, providing women the opportunity to style their hair as they like. We are providing beautiful and 100% virgin human hair. Our 613 hair bundles are easy to take care of and can quickly turn into any hairstyle without any damage.

We ship our products all over the USA and also provide installation services. We aim to give each of our customers the best services and hair. Our online shop features many hair extensions and lace wigs, including 613 full lace wigs, Brazilian deep wave, and Loose Curly. Explore our shop to get the best deals on 613 blonde hair and more.

The shop for every kind of gorgeous hair

Luxury Weaving Lounge offers a variety of hair extensions in their shop, giving you a choice to choose the hair extension that fits your style and personality. Our range of shiny and smooth 613 blonde hair includes:

  • 613 Bundles: Our affordable 613 bundles can be either worn in their natural state or can be coloured. Wearing these is an effortless process and also protects you from hair damage.
  • 613 Closure and Frontal: Our 613 Closure and frontal extensions are available in straight and body wave texture at a minimal price.
  • 613 Full Lace Wigs: Our shiny 613 full lace wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair without any chemical processing. Available at an affordable price, these wigs give you 180% density, making your hair more voluminous than before.
  • 613 Lace Frontal Wigs: Longing for beautiful, long, and thick hair. Try our 613 lace frontal wig, available in 3 different textures, and take your inner Ariana Grande out.

Why are we better than your local hairstylist?

Luxury Weaving Lounge is built on the values of promoting natural hair care habits and supplying products that make a difference. We also provide installation services, which our customers greatly appreciate. There are many reasons for choosing us but consider these few for now:

  • We sell 613 hair bundles made of 100% virgin human hair to give those natural vibes.
  • We offer all our lace wigs and 613 bundles at a very reasonable price, making them accessible to all.
  • Our wigs and hair extensions are durable and look brand new for a long time.
  • Chemical-free extensions and wigs can be permed straightened and styled in many other ways.
  • Both our installation services and products have gained ravishing reviews from our customers.

How to care for your hair extensions?

Our 613 blonde hair can be easily cared for by just remembering these few points:

  • Shampoo the hair once a week.
  • Use round, wide-toothed combs only after completely drying the hair.
  • Do not perm, dry, or style them using heat too frequently.
  • Don’t expose the hair under the sun for too long.
  • Don’t use the hairdryer by keeping it close to the roots.


Luxury Weaving Lounge cares about its customers and their hair. Hence, we make our 100% virgin 613 blonde hair bundles and lace wigs with extreme care. Our products have made a difference for a lot of women. When are you trying our 613 bundles?

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