Best Solarmovies Alternative Sites to Stream Movies Free

Solarmovies is a very popular website which is mobile-friendly and can be accessed through any device like laptops or PCs to stream unlimited movies and TV series. This highly demanding and one of the most anticipated streaming sites is free to use as it needs no login details or signup to watch the movies. The users can stream the movies without restrictions on time and place.

But the Web development companies are not coming slow, and they have launched plenty of other websites that are considered the best alternatives to Solarmovies and give almost the same services as provided by this great website.

If you are keen to browse and enjoy those websites, then scroll your screens down to know their details first!

#1. EnterpApp.XYZ

EnterpApp is a device application that can be installed to reach the content you want without signing up. This free streaming application is considered the best alternative to Solarmovies because it allows the user to access about 10,000 movies and more than 500 TV shows. The application contains both old and latest content, and the users can also watch the daily episodes of their favourite TV serials. In the search bar, you can write your search to instantly reach the desired place without roaming here and there.

#2. Putlocker. buzz

There are plenty of websites that are trying to duplicate this oldest and coolest free streaming website, but truly, they are not like Putlocker. This incredible website which is a genuine alternative to Solarmovies, has a huge collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries. No ads pop up on the screen to disturb the users while enjoying the movies, and no hassle to signup is required. To ensure the users about their privacy, the site does not store any information rather than username or password, but as an additional shield, the users are free to use a VPN.

#3. is a newly launched website which is not only an authentic alternative to the Solarmovies but also works best to stream TV shows and movies for free online without registration or signup and downloading. All TV serials and movies are categorised based on the genre so that the users can reach their destination instantly. Furthermore, other information about movies like IMBD rating, quality, and the country area is also given. Stay updated with!

#4. is a free streaming website which provides great access to unlimited movies and TV shows without registering any account. The website has an extensive content library and contains the most popular titles of movies and TV series, which you can search through the genre, releasing year and rating through the search box. It has several genres that are compatible with your mood, so open the website and visit the entertainment!

#5. is a highly anticipated website which is trending nowadays because it demands no logins, signup, downloading or credit card information. The users can enjoy HD quality-perfect movies that take the overall entertainment to the next level. This is one of the most popular free streaming websites, which is a house of thousands of TV shows and movies.

#6. is a very cool website which requires no signup to stream movies. Besides its free services, the category of movies and TV shows is displayed on the navigation bar, which gives easy access to the top-rated content. Moreover, this website is not only for entertainment but also keeps the users updated about the recent trends in fashion through the latest fashion TV movies.


Motv android application is one of the most recommended alternatives to the Solarmovies because it has cable shears. The application contains more than 100 live TV channels and has fully updated and refreshed movies and TV serials content. This fast application is compatible with all android devices like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets and laptops etc.


Downloading the movies in GBs and hoarding TV shows and movies are sometimes a load on the device, which slows down the speed of the device but with, you can prevent yourself from this trouble. The fact about this website is that it contains ads, but to retain the entertainment for the viewers, the site managers opt for minimum and non-invasive advertisements. Enjoy the fresh content with!

Wrap Up:

All the streaming websites that are mentioned above are the best alternative to the most popular site, Solarmovies. All these free streaming websites are simple and easy to operate and contain content of very high quality. These sites require no signup, which is the most prominent feature of all these websites. But the point to ponder here is that many available websites on the internet claim to be the best, but all of them are not good and safe enough to use. You can trust the above-mentioned websites as they contain your favourite media for free!

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