The Importance Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Stair washing and cleaning is not a joke. Stairs are the highest public traffic areas where thousands of footsteps are going up and down, especially in stairwells like hotels, shopping centers, offices, institutes or in residential apartments. With that, the likeliness of germs of dirty sounding becomes an obvious factor. At times cleaning/washing becomes a major challenge due to corners and intricate decoration a staircase has on its sides. Moreover, if the stairs are not spacious enough you really need guidance about its proper washing and thorough cleaning.

Although, cleaning comes into daily chores but when you’re particularly talking about the erhvervsrengøring (commercial cleaning), especially the long, twisted, spiral or narrow staircase, there is more to just vacuuming. For places like office, other institutional areas, you cannot neglect the carpets, mats and other stuff that you come across while being there.

What Does Stair Washing Include?

Stair cleaning and washing mainly includes sweeping and thorough shaking of the door mat. With each step of the stair, it is also important to clean the surrounding area and clear out the hidden junk. Additionally, if the staircase has been designed with the intricate railing the attention to remove cobweb and wiping greatly maximized. Staircase washing also demands the proper and dedicated cleaning assistance and tool so that the premises get deep clean up.

Choose Cleaning Agents According to the Floor Type

If the stairs are subjected to scum, dust, and oily stains all over that are hard to remove otherwise, you certainly need the powerful cleaning agents to tackle the challenge. Moreover, what type of dirt you are dealing with matters a great deal! You cannot remove every stain or mark with simple soapy water. 

There are plenty of choices to remove stains and cleaning, plus you get a nice aromatic substance unlike pungent smelling chemicals. However be sure to follow the guidance before using any detergent, and test a small area to see its outcome. Another important thing is the mopping and vacuuming type. If the stairs are carpeted, or features a simple marble design, you need to pick the cleaning tool accordingly.

Interior Metal Staircase

Interior staircase, be it wooden, spiral, sleek and stylish metal or any other type often remains cleaned, (apparently). However when you talk about sparkling cleaning, and germ-free output, using a soft microfiber or dusting fabric is recommended for metal stairs. Use a mild cleaning agent to get rid of oily fingerprints on handrails or fainted muddy footprints.

Exterior Staircase

Washing the exterior staircase is different from the interior ones. With harsh weather and extreme temperature, the stairs outside your building definitely become vulnerable to marks and stains. For that, you should use a pressure washer to remove all dirt and junk once you’re done cleaning and sweeping the deck. You can also rent the pressure washer from local hardware stores.

Hire Professional Assistance

If you have a larger-than-life staircase to clean, there is a best way to do it, and that is to hire professional service assistance. While you pay a few bucks, the efficient result and sparkling cleaning readily differ from what you do non-professionally. And as a bonus you get pro tips to maintain it through cleanliness which becomes the reason for longevity in the staircase.


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