The best steam cleaners help you to keep your home clean and spotless. If you don’t have any idea about the best steam cleaner and their uses and you are new to them so we are here to explain it. Steam cleaners are generally designed to be used without a detergent for deep cleaning because their high temperature kills the bacteria. Not every steam cleaner can perform every job for grout, tiles, kitchen, ovens. There are probably three types of steam cleaner that perform different tasks i.e. handheld steam cleaner is ideal for small areas, a light-weighted steam cleaner such as Bissell 2635E won’t let you huffing and puffing to get to hard-to-reach areas.

What can you clean with a steam cleaner?

There are several approved uses of a steam cleaner that have been mentioned on the manufacturer’s instruction copy. They are often used on upholstery, flooring, bathroom fixtures, tile, and other everyday touch surfaces. Here we enlist some uses of the best steam cleaner.

  1. Cleaning Grout:

The lines between your tiles which help to stabilize them are called grout. They become dirtier as compare to tiles as they are deep and will not be cleaned effectively. Cleaning the grout is a hard job because it often includes bending and scrubbing until your nails are loose. But with the help of a steam cleaner, you can easily blast away the dirt, gunk, and stains.

  1. Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Wiping out your ceiling fans is a difficult task, particularly if you are frightened of heights. Most steam cleaners come with a long rod along with a proper attachment i.e. diamond brush that abolishes the need for a ladder. You can also attach a clean cloth with a brush and slowly slide the steamer across the blades of the fan.



  1. Sanitizing light switches and Doorknobs

Steam cleaners perform their work at high temperatures of around 170-200°F. So, they are useful at disinfecting ignored areas like light switches and doorknobs. So, steam cleaners are the best to finish the job efficiently and quickly. By attaching a small towel or cloth with the steam cleaner you can work your way around the tiny areas. You can also use low moisture while cleaning the light switches to avoid any electrical issues.

  1. Cleaning the Oven

Cleaning the oven is one of the deadliest tasks ever. It is complicated to eliminate trapped and burnt mess without harsh chemicals. The oven cleaners that come into the market have lye that can create toxic fumes and should be handled with care. Steam cleaning is the best method to clean your oven, in contrast to any other chemicals. You can use a small brush to clean the railings, and a larger one to cover the bigger surfaces.

  1. Disinfecting Pet Cages

Cleaning the pet cages with the help of chemicals can be harmful to your pets. So, a steam cleaner is a perfect way to clean and disinfect pet cages. Steam cleaner helps to clean the base and grills of cages thoroughly.

  1. Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

It is a time to clean outdoor furniture as you feel filth and dirt on the fabric of chairs. You can even notice the old bird poop and pest feces which need to go. An easy and quick way to clean such filth is by using your upholstery steam cleaner. By using an upholstery steam cleaner, you can wipe out these stains and gunk from fabrics and cushions. After that, attach a jet nozzle to liberate dirt and dust.

  1. Eliminating Refrigerator Mess

Steam cleaning of your refrigerator is an outstanding method to disinfect and remove unpleasant smells. The high pressure and temperature from the steam will flash away and kill bacteria thoroughly. This is an excellent way in a fridge where there are spills of food and beverage that gradually spoil over time.

  1. Sensitizing Toilet

People use a back-breaking combo of scrubbing, chemicals, and manual effort to clean their toilets. The harsh smell of chemicals can leave you wheezing your way out of the bathroom before you’ve finished. So, people prefer to use steam cleaner not only to clean but also to disinfect their toilet and bathroom floors.

  1. Clothing Wrinkle Eliminator

The old hot iron is fetching less popularity as steam cleaners are rising in fame. Many steam cleaners come with a clothes attachment and help to eliminate the wrinkles on clothes and kill bacteria. It is also an easy way since you can remove the wrinkles while on the hanger.

  1. Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper is problematic to remove without leaving behind a few stuck pieces. This is very annoying, particularly because you cannot place new wallpaper on it. A steamer is an effective method to successfully remove the wallpapers. A steam pad is a large plate that put-on steam on a surface evenly. Since the steam penetrates the paper, it will soften the glue and you can peel it off easily.


If you are searching for a chemical-free method to clean and sanitize solid and soft surfaces in your home, then a steam cleaner is a perfect solution. Steam cleaners remove dirt, bacteria, allergens, by using different superheated tools. A steam cleaner is a quick way to sanitize and renovate your home. Many steam cleaners come in canister-type models with a large onboard water tank. Other steam cleaners consist of handheld versions, portable, that fit in smaller spaces, and steam cleaner mops that are particularly intended to refresh the sealed floors.

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