Best Things to do in Washington DC

The US state capital has many other things to do apart from historical and political. There are zoos, parks, and other recreational areas to visit by adults and kids. It will help you if you could visit these top 5 things to do once on the Washington tour.

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White House

It will be a pride to visit the house of the world’s leading ruler once in Washington DC. Yet, a 3-months advance booking is necessary to visit selected areas of the house where the US president stays. Yet, it will help you if you could see this marvelous structure from the outside if you did not get admission as a tourist. Taking photos along with the White House is an important thing to do here.

Air and Space Museum

People of all ages can see the original Wright Flyer airplane, Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, SpaceShipOne, the Friendship 7 capsule, and LZ 129 Hindenburg once in this aviation museum in Washington DC. A day trip is necessary if you wish to see all the attractions like the planetarium, galleries, and theaters present here.

National Mall Walk

A 2-mile loop trail walk in the National mall is a historical and recreational thing to do once in the Washington DC tour. A day trip is necessary to visit its attractions like Smithsonian Museums, Lincoln Memorial, National Museum of Art, Washington Monument, and Tidal Basin. These places are free to visit anytime. Yet, they look majestic in the day and nighttime with lights. A day trip is essential to all the attractions by walking on the National Mall.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

One of the free things to do once in Washington DC is visiting this zoo, a century-old in the States capitol. It has an urban park for recreational purposes apart from seeing animals and other species endangered in nature. People can have a near animal experience in this zoo. The children can see how the zoo staff are feeding the animals in their natural state. Food and beverages facilities are present inside this zoo. Yet, it will take a half-day trip to see all of its attractions to the fullest.

Rock Creek Park

It is an all-season park to visit once in Washington DC by all ages of people. During the winter, this park is white due to snow. Yet, they look exotic in other seasons. A day trip is necessary to see all of the attractions present here. It is the best place to visit for nature lovers and photographers. The unique feature of this park is it is in the heart of the city without any noise, smoke, and dust pollution.

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