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The US online sportsbook market is one of the most crowded markets around. As sports is a big thing within the US, online sports betting is a huge deal. As such, it could be difficult for BetRivers to make the most of what’s available. Can it break through the competition? We have looked closely to find out if the company is likely to be a success.

BetRivers in New York 

BetRivers made its move into the US market when it became available to US players in New York. It was available on the first day that the state allowed online sports betting to be carried out. This was a positive choice for the company, especially as New York is such a potentially strong market. If you want to find out more about what it offers to New Yorkers, you can read more about BetRivers sportsbook on GambleUSA.

Despite operating within New York, this doesn’t mean that BetRivers is guaranteed to be a success. There are lots of other operators out there in the sports betting sphere, some with much bigger brand names, and some with more experience. A great example, is DraftKings, which has managed to pivot from fantasy sports, to being one of the biggest sports betting operators within the US. So, what will it have to offer to compete with the rest?

BetRivers Options

BetRivers might not be a household name to many sports bettors, but this doesn’t mean it is a company without experience. In fact, what plays into its hand, is that it tends to be more focused on player experience. A good example of this, is that it aims to have 80% early cashouts completed. This compares favorably with most other sites on the market, and it  should be very appealing to players. Especially people who like to use the early cashout feature to make the most of potentially losing bets.

BetRivers also makes it possible to stream many different events live. This is certainly a significant positive, as part of the sports betting experience is often watching along with the game. By offering this feature to players it means that they can watch and enjoy the games after they have placed a bet. It also means that the in-play betting is much more enjoyable.

By offering these features to players, it means that BetRivers has a good chance of managing to be a success, in what is already a very crowded market. It has enough of a good name, and plenty of high-quality features to stand out. This is what’s most important, especially with so many reputable providers on the market already. As with any business, there is no guarantee that BetRivers will definitely be a success. However, it certainly has enough going for it, to make sure that it will give it a good shot.

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