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There’s a reason why the Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It’s true, the text does have some years under its belt. But, the stories in this great book remain as relevant and timeless as ever.

We can learn a lot from Bible stories about a wide range of subjects, from faith to what it means to be a good parent. On that note, we’ve organized five of the famous fathers that you can find in the Bible.

Let’s take a look at them and see if we can learn a thing or two about fatherhood from the holy text.

1. Noah

Noah is a great example of how a father’s trust in God can extend through the rest of the family. When Noah was chosen by God to build an ark to be spared the floods it would have been easy for his family to abandon him.

After all, everyone else did. But, in the end, his trust in God was enough to convince his sons and daughters-in-law to remain by his sides. Not only did this lead to the preservation of life on earth, but also the resilience of faith.

2. Job

Job is a tragic example of a loss that fathers had to endure in the bible. Though he was wealthy and had a large family, he lost everything in a storm. However, he remained faithful in the end.

And, because of this, God provided him with ten more children.

3. Abraham

Abraham is a clear example of the phrase Jehovah Jireh, or God will provide ( When Abraham’s wife Sarah couldn’t produce a child, he went with a surrogate mother instead.

But, in the end, God provides and blessed Sarah with a son Issac. Later on, God tested Abraham’s devotion by asking him to sacrifice Issac, only to intervene at the last second.

4. Zacharias

Zacharias was a father who experienced a vision one night. In it, an angel told him that his son would be John the Baptist, the person responsible for introducing Jesus to the world.

Until John was born Zacharias was made deaf and mute. But, when John was born, God restored his senses. This helped Zacharias instill the firm belief of God in John, as well as his divine purpose. Also read about teaching of  Gospel of Thomas.

5. Solomon

Not all Biblical fathers are great dads, and Solomon is clear evidence of that. Solomon’s sons turned away from him and God because of the awful example that he set. As fathers, we’re bound to make mistakes.

But redemption is always available. Just look at Solomon. Despite not being a great father, he took lessons from God and wrote the book of Proverbs, which is one of the best resources for fathers and children.

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