Bitcoin Revolution dragons den show

The Dragons den focuses on various entrepreneurs who have the chance to present their different budding ideas to a panel of five very rich investors who are referred to as the ‘Dragons’ of the show. The entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for financial investment as they offer the Dragons a stake of the company in return.  The contestants lack the funding to expand their business idea but have what they believe to be a viable and potentially profitable business idea. The Dragon’s Den is a television program that is found in Britain and it is presented by a presenter named Evan Davis. This show is based on an original Japanese program called ‘The Tigers Money’.  The contestants in this program are expected to specify the amount of money they require from these investors. The contestants leave with nothing if they fail to raise the amount, they have stipulated from at least one of the investors. These investors can either provide the contestants with a percentage of the amount or the full amount stipulated by the contestant. Many investors have been featured in the Dragons den show. The building entrepreneurs get a total of three minutes to pitch their ideas to the five panel members. These members are willing to invest their own expertise, time and money to give the business a kick start. The Dragons get to ask the building entrepreneurs some questions about the venture after they have pitched. The pitch ends after declaration of all the Dragons.

Bitcoin Revolution and Dragons Den.

Bitcoin Revolution software is very delicate and it depends on vigorous algorithms that can conduct trading related researches and execute trades automatically and efficiently. Mostly, these algorithms are coded out of the trading criteria of highly reputable crypto currency traders.Gordon Ramsay who is the founder of Bitcoin revolution is alleged to be a crypto millionaire whose fortune has been made through these strategies given at  Bitcoin Revolution partners with specific robot brokers to offer grand services to users. The robot is then linked with these brokers’ system s and feeds them with signals for implementation. Robot brokers have more robust systems to make sure that the relayed signals are executed immediately. A slight delay in execution can cause a loss considering the speed at which crypto markets move. Receiving deposited from traders and facilitating all transactions are other roles of the broker. Bitcoin Resolution has no legal mandate to handle deposits because it is not a financial company. Although in most countries regulators usually need any firm that handles deposits from public members to register as a financial institution. A regulated robot broker assures protection of funds of the users. Brokers cannot use deposits from the users for any other reasons other than the one intended.

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Was Bitcoin Revolution endorsed by the Dragons Den?

For those who have been making a follow up on what happens around Bitcoin Revolution, you might have heard about articles and advertisements that claim the endorsement of Bitcoin Revolution by a number of celebrities and businesses’ moguls. However, it was later realized that these news were fake and those involved came out strongly to condemn the fake claims and they even threatened to go to the court so that actions can be taken against those spreading the news.  Meaden even went on to cause an alarm on twitter by alerting his followers on the brewing Bitcoin scam and encouraged everyone to treat these claims an absolute fraud. The endorsement claims were also quashed by Dragons Den’s Jones. Jones termed Bitcoin Revolution as a ‘complete scam’ and also said that the ordeal was being looked into by his legal team. Therefore, there was nothing like a Bitcoin Revolution Dragons Den show. 

Is Bitcoin Revolution guilty of fake news?

After some research was carried out, nothing alarming was found about the Bitcoin Revolution Website. It seems like Bitcoin Revolution is a legit crypto currency trading tool and it was just a victim of greedy internet marketers who were aiming at earning quick sign up commissions. There are platforms that offer mouthwatering referral commissions that are hard to be resisted by the online markets. Watching out for unrealistic offers with promises of massive returns is very important.

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