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We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Compass has acquired a decentralized voting platform Clearpoll. The acquisition is geared towards growing the BitcoinCompass user base and creating awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology beyond just cryptocurrencies. ClearPoll offers a blockchain-based voting platform where results are accurate and always verifiable, free from bias. Clearpoll shows that blockchain technology can be used to uphold democracy, apart from powering cryptocurrencies.  

What is Clearpoll?

Clearpoll refers to a social opinions blockchain-based platform that secures votes and poll results. Users can choose to participate in polls regarding multiple topics on the forum, vote, and view real-time results. The participants are rewarded using the native token of POLL’s platform for submitting their opinions and voting on the platform. Half of the Clearpoll revenue is shared among the participants.  

Besides, Clearpoll is much more than just an opinion and voting platform. It is bundled with a variety of exciting features;

  • Star Polls  Allows celebrities to poll their fans and followers. 
  • Private Polls: Enables all users to create polls instantly and secure them using a four-digit pin code — to manage their voters.
  • Local, National, and Global Polls: When users create a poll, they filter their audience by selecting “local, national, or global,” which specifies who can participate.
  • Sponsored Polls (paid for): Corporate clients can create a sponsored poll for market research or just for exposure, as they will be exposed to a vast, likely new audience.

What is BitcoinCompass? 

Bitcoin Compass refers to a robust trading software geared towards trading Bitcoin and other digital assets. The software connects crypto traders with regulated top brokers and facilitates crypto trading to ensure substantial returns for its users. BitcoinCompass is known to be among the fastest trading platforms in the market currently. The software carries out trading activities within seconds, making it even more efficient, on top of its high accuracy.  

Cryptocurrency traders have been making big money through trading Bitcoin and other digital assets. Bitcoin is the most famous crypto, followed by Ethereum, but others are coming up all the time. Indeed, many global brands have begun developing their cryptocurrencies, including Facebook, Malaysia-based Air Asia, Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, and Arias Intel Corp, to name a few.  

You can see an increasingly growing buzz around crypto assets, and early adopters are accumulating wealth fast. If you have not yet already begun trading cryptocurrencies, this is the time to get started. 

The platform is geared towards helping ordinary people generate income by trading digital assets like Bitcoin. Notably, the general procedure from technical and fundamental analysis to trade execution is automated. Moreover, the platform is free to join and only requires a minimum initial deposit of $250 to start trading live and generate real profits.  

Notably, the platform has a very high win rate, especially for new traders. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market is massively volatile and time-sensitive. For this reason, there are risks involved while trading in the crypto market. Hence, the higher the risk, the better the rewards.  

How to trade using the platform

BitcoinCompass uses advanced technology like AI and machine learning to uncover profitable trading opportunities and then channels these signals to the underlying broker for execution. The signals are promptly and thoroughly examined to determine the cryptocurrency market’s propensity and improve the accuracy of the trades placed and profits generated. 

 You need to register an account with the platform before accessing its features. The process takes less than two minutes on average. After successful registration, one of the underlying brokers should help you activate and deposit funds into the account. 

Create an account

The initial step is to create an account with the platform, free of charge. You are provided with a form to fill in your name, phone number, and email address. Unlike many other platforms, BitcoinCompass does not require much information during registration, which hastens the process.  

Funding account

The underlying brokers are responsible for handling all user transactions. For this reason, the platform has partnered with highly reputable and regulated brokers to ensure client funds are safe.  

Live trading

After creating an account and signing in, we engaged a button that activated the live trader, and the process began. The robots examine the cryptocurrency market to find the most profitable trade signals. After identifying a productive trading signal, you can then execute trades using the funds deposited in your BitcoinCompass account. Trading is entirely intuitive and easy.  

Main features of Bitcoin Digital

  1. Payouts: We tested the payouts system for Bitcoin Digital to ensure it was truthful and transparent. Traders receive their funds after the end of each trading session. 
  2. Verification: New users should provide accurate information for verification. The process is instant and crucial as the firm always wants to ensure it offers the service to the rightful account owner. 
  3. Withdrawal: The withdrawal system needs to be useful since everyone wants to remove their profits or all the funds. Bitcoin Digital takes less than 24 hours to process withdrawal requests, and no concealed charges are involved. 
  4. Service fees: Bitcoin Digital benefits by deducting a small percentage of the generated profits after the end of every live trading session. 
  5. Customer care: The customer support service is live 24/7, and it is highly reliable. Issues are handled fast.
  6. Regulated brokers: The brokers listed on the platform are all regulated and highly reputable. They are all registered under the financial authority from their area of jurisdiction. 

All the BitcoinCompass features work excellently, and the platform developers have promised users that the platform will continue working correctly. Moreover, the platform is free to join. We recommend everybody who wants to trade digital assets profitably to join the platform.  

The takeover of Clearpoll by BitcoinCompass will hugely benefit the users of both platforms. Clearpoll users will be able to trade their POLL rewards on the BitcoinCompass platform and earn significant profits. On the other hand, BitcoinCompass will benefit from increased liquidity due to more users and trading activity. 

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